As a business owner, you definitely want the best employees for your team. You want the most skilful persons… the most experienced employees in the field.

Because if they possess these qualities of a good employee, your business will have the potential to make more money.

If they have the skills, they can do anything you want them to do. If they have the experience, you can ask them for advice and help you make the best decisions.

However, being skilful and experienced are not the only qualities that you should look for in an employee.

There are skilled employees out there who do not walk the talk. There are experienced employees out there who are so stubborn and are very difficult to manage.

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If your only basis of good employee traits are their skills and experience alone, then your company will be in for a bumpy ride.

To help you find employees that are a perfect fit to your company, we have listed some of the most desirable employee traits.

It is hard to determine if your potential hires possess good employee traits since it is your first time meeting them. Download this guide to spot their good qualities even just from a resume.


Knows how to communicate well

Let’s admit it. The greatest ideas do not always come from us, business owners, but from our employees. However, no matter how great an idea is thought by your employee, if he is not able to communicate it well, then the idea is as good as nothing.

In order for an idea to come into fruition, it must be explained thoroughly well. You’ll never approve an idea from your employee if you don’t understand it enough, right?


Has a positive attitude

We all know that having a positive attitude leads to success and happiness. Based on this article of Remez Sasson, founder of Success Consciousness, having a positive frame of mind can make you feel inspired and boost your faith in your abilities.

Every time your employee will encounter a problem, he will never give up to find a solution for it, because he sees problems as blessings in disguise.




Able to adapt in different situations

Other qualities of a good employee that you should be looking out for is being able to adapt in a changing work environment. Is your employee flexible? Can he handle working at your company’s constantly changing pace?

If your employee is unable to adapt well, then he will never be able to move forward and this could pull your company down.

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Knows how to manage his time well

In a company, everyone works pursuing deadlines. Having deadlines helps every employee not to slack off because there is a definite time frame.

But if your employee is poor at time management, then he will always miss hitting deadlines. And tons of work will pile up on his desk. No employer would want that.

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Is reliable

There are talented employees but they are not reliable enough. You want an employee who doesn’t need to be micromanaged, and could be left with work without you constantly reminding them.

Reliable employees have the initiative and is accountable to what they are doing. They could be trusted with important work and they could give you results within the set time frame.


A great team player

No matter how big or small your company is, it is generally a team of people working for the same vision and mission. To reach your company’s goals, every employee must work together.

Though everyone may be in different departments, it still requires team play and collaboration. For example, your web design team should also work together with your content marketing team, since your content marketers know best how their copies are well presented.



There are so many ideal qualities of a good employee, but these ones are the first things you should look for in your potential hires.

However, it could be difficult to see these qualities during the interview phase. But it doesn’t mean that these desirable employee characteristics won’t show in their resume. Download our guide below to find out how.

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