If your company has a small team, you, the business owner, also serves as the manager and the leader of your staff. A leader is essential to keep everything in check, guide and empower your employees, and ensure that everyone is doing their job.

But not everything will fall into place just because a leader is around. Becoming a leader is easy, but being able to lead is one thing. There would be no teamwork if you are just giving out orders like a military in command.

To promote teamwork in the workplace, you need to do something to get your employees feel comfortable and cooperative working with one another in order for your company to become more productive and rake more profit.


Open up opportunities to let your staff know each other better.

Most of the time, your staff does not have a sense of teamwork because they do not know each other well.  They only know their colleagues’ names, and that’s that.

To promote teamwork in the workplace, you may do the following activities:

  1. Eat lunch together – This is one of my favourite ways to let my staff know each other better. Everyone gets comfortable and starts talking with each other whenever there’s food around. If you can’t treat your team to lunch, then you can bring them snacks.
  2. Do occasional team-building activities – Once or twice a month, hold a special event in the workplace that require cooperation among team members such as simple sports tournaments and other fun group activities.
  3. Let your staff experience being a part of a new team – If you are assigning your staff to be part of small teams for certain projects, shuffle the team members once in a while, so that each of your employees will know other people better.


Determine any problems that hinder your staff to work together.

Some of your employees may be eager to work together, but there’s something that’s preventing them so. There may be several reasons why, but the most common reasons are:

  1. Internal conflict within the team – Talk to the people who have issues with each other. If it isn’t solved through just talking, assign one to another team.
  2. Lack of tools and support to accomplish the project – Perhaps your team needs something to quickly finish their team projects. If this is so, do your absolute best to provide them with what they need.

Give rewards to best performing teams.

Promote teamwork in the workplace and boost employee morale by giving them rewards. When there are rewards, your employees will be more motivated to work together as a team.

If you feel generous enough, the rewards may be monetary. Or if you are on a budget, you can treat the best performing team to a great dining place, or give them ribbons or trophies, or an extra paid day-off. Anything that you think that will make your employees happy.


Encourage your team to communicate.

Your employees are not working together if you don’t see them communicating. Encourage them to communicate by asking their own ideas.

Standardise communication procedures and train your team members to bridge any cultural gaps in communication.


What are your own strategies to promote teamwork in the workplace? Download the checklist below to give you more ideas.

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