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For some reason, we as Entrepreneurs always want to hold our teams accountable for their deliverables but when it comes to ourselves, we always find excuses as to why we cannot deliver. This is purely human nature, but what many of us do not realize is the impact that it has on our business. Without the leadership team (or sole entrepreneur) of the entire company delivering their accountabilities, the business will never achieve theirs and let alone the team wanting to deliver to what is set to them.

No matter if it is Adam, myself or anybody in the MTMP community (if you are not a member, join everyone over at the Facebook community for free here), we have all been through it and it is actually not a bad thing. Even by landing on this web page, you have already taken the first step to realising that there is a problem you need to solve and in 30 minutes, you will actually have the keys to unlocking that information… as we are about to walk through the exact steps you can follow to hold yourself, your staff and your business accountable.

With the easy investment of listening, you will learn the ins and outs of accountability from a coach who has been doing this for over 25 years and has a laundry list of success stories.

Today, we have introduced Anne Bachrach on to the show. She is the founder over at and has dedicated her life to writing books, building online courses and creating engaging content to ensure that more and more people can achieve their goals in life (typically by them being able to hold themselves accountable). She has helped thousands of business owners over the last 2 decades and has set the challenge that every single person listening to this podcast will be Accountability Kings and Queens too.

Anne jumps head first into understanding the reason behind your accountability (eg, your goal / why), how to ensure that everyone around you is committed to achieving it, breaking down the goal into bite-sized pieces for you to be easily accounted for, setting your tracking toolset and then even into how you can manage it consistently. She is a master at this process and its simplicity is what we can all appreciate, as there are always over complicated systems in the world, that we just do not need. So, sit back, relax, hit the play button on today’s podcast and download the template to follow at home.


Download the easy to follow guide about turning employees into accountable driven leaders.


Show Notes:


Why every entrepreneur fails at accountability.


Introduction to Anne Bachrach, the Accountability Coach


Anne’s experience through accountability and how she became so successful about it


How Anne had her ‘aha’ moment to become the Accountability Coach


Can every single business owner become accountable to their own success


The requirement for a ‘why’ behind every accountability


Dashboards, metrics, and systems we can all view to help hold ourselves accountable


How to plan around your goals to ensure you have every day, week, month, etc planned out


Examples of cutting large goals into easy to follow parts


Tactics to bring people back on track when they fall off the horse and finding out why they are constantly missing accountabilities


How can forsee if people might miss their accountabilities, without waiting for them to miss their accountabilities


Strategies on how to hold yourself accountable


Is a ‘negative why / goal’ better than a ‘positive why / goal’?


Adam runs through scenarios around how Anne would resolve people’s whys/goals and how to hold them accountable


The ‘wheel of life’ and how you can apply it to manage your accountabilities


When do we know if we just need to re-align or if we need to re-plan?


Applying Pareto’s law to managing accountability


Accountability through history and it has never really changed


Complete round-up of Anne Bachrach Accountability Framework


How to get in contact with Anne Bachrach


Get the free framework to turn people into leaders who drive for outcomes and accountabilities.


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