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Leads, leads, leads! It is all every business thinks about when they are starting out, when they have been operating for years and even when they are at their pinnacle. Leads create sales, sales create cash flow and cash flow is the lifeblood of every entrepreneur. There was a quote that I have never forgotten from Eric Brower, which says “Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes Lead Generation a positive customer experience”… and this is exactly what we are here to teach you in this episode.

When everyone jumps into the MTMP community (whether they join the Facebook community for free here or they are a paid member), the number 1 problem they need help with is ‘lead generation’ to drive more sales. And the biggest pitfall that most entrepreneurs fall into is trying to implement a marketing tactic that has worked for a business that has a different target market, a different lead cycle, a different demographic and ultimately one that requires a different set of tactics.

And this is exactly why today’s episode is what every… single… business owner NEEDS to hear – as it is the linchpin to the success of any / ever marketing campaign.

Today, we have got the man, the myth, the legend – Mr Allan Dib. He is the author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan Book, the founder and chief over at Success Wise and is an extremely successful business coach. He has helped thousands of businesses with setting up a successful marketing plan, is an Amazon best selling author and is someone who is a regular guest on podcasts, at conferences and many various places.

Allan dives into the myths that surround the complexity of marketing and exactly why people get themselves tied in knots before they even start the plan as well as how too many people just implement tactics, without setting a foundational plan. He steps through his entire framework, which is honestly one of the easiest frameworks to follow, where the output is a single page plan that can be stuck up in the office, placed on the background of the marketing managers desktop of even displayed on a rotating KPI monitor. There are 9 different items within the process, so download the framework to make it easier for you to implement it.


Get the amazing lead generation framework here.


Show Notes:


The pitfalls, gaps, and uses of marketing within every business.


Introduction to Allan Dib


Allan Dis’ experience and history with marketing, which led him to his 1-page marketing book


How Allan had his ‘aha’ moment to create the 1-page marketing plan


How to ensure you have a living marketing plan for ever


Difference between direct response marketing, as opposed to other forms of marketing


What tactics come under the umbrella of direct response marketing


Walking through the 1-Page Marketing Plan and how the framework is a required foundation


Who is My Target Market and how to find them


Building your message to your target market & the structure of the message


What media/tactics must we use to hit our target market and how do we find them


Fundamentals of building your lead capture system


How to find what lead offers will engage and relate to your target market


Creating a way to nurture your leads and keep them engaged until they are ready to purchase


Ensuring your leads turn into a conversion and having a strategy to it


How to grow marketing by delivering a world class experience to every customer


2 Ways to always ensure you increase the lifetime value of customers


Gaining, Orchestrating and stimulating referrals with a simple strategy


Why a marketing plan is critical before you start doing anything


Complete round-up of Allan Dib’s 1-Page Marketing Plan


How to check out more about Allan Dib


Download the best framework to generate leads and sales.


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