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“Limiting beliefs”, a trait that most people have had for their entire life – whether it is in relation to their disbelief of being able to retire under 40, buy their dream Ferrari (or Tesla), travel the world for a year straight or just to be present with their young family. And as Henry Ford says, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”. So, if you are a business owner and have ever said the words “I cannot do this” or actually believed you cannot hit your $10 million revenue target … you are, and will always be, right!

This is exactly why Adam, myself and the entire MTMP community (you can join the Facebook community for free here) practice removing these limiting beliefs to ensure that we can release all of our businesses untapped potential. The second that one of us believes that we cannot achieve our greater vision, it is time to stop and reflect on why that is, change the behaviours we / the team are doing day to day and begin to move in the right direction that will ensure our sub-conscious mind realises that we can achieve our vision.

Going into business alone is an extremely scary endeavour, especially when there are only a few people around you who really want you to succeed – it is imperative that you understand how to thrive and have the support network (like More Time More Profit) there to help you.

And this is exactly why we brought on someone who has seen and helped countless people who have limited the growth of their company on because they did not change their mindset and how they behaved. Mark Sanborn is a 7-time author of books including ‘The Fred Factor’, ‘You Don’t Need a Title, to Be a Leader’ and the latest masterpiece ‘The Potential Principle’. He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author and has also worked with over 2,400 clients including names such as FedEx, Hewlett Packard and Cisco, just to name a few.

Mark jumps head first into the options that we as business owners have between ‘Growing Ourselves’ or ‘Growing Out Teams’ and how the fundamentals that we need to understand stem between Thinking, Reflecting, Performing and Learning. We then deep dive into how every business owner can unlock their potential by setting up triggers for decreasing or stagnant growth (eg, metrics, skills, etc) and the exact steps they must follow in order for the team to adapt to change and ensure they engage with it.


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Show Notes:


Why having clear goals and vision is key to unlocking your businesses potential.


Introduction to Mark Sanborn and his authority


Mark Sanborns’ experience and history with have limiting belief’s of business growth


How competition ensures your business always gets better


The ‘aha’ moment where Mark realised how people can unlock their potential and how it was his life’s purpose.


Statistics on the number of businesses who have a plan and a vision


How to use ‘Disruption’ in order to improve your team and beat your competitors


Resilience and Resistance is critical to your growth


The only 2 ways to grow your business


The power of the key 4 skills (Thinking, Reflecting, Performing and Learning)


How to use ‘Thinking’ and ‘Reflecting’ in your business


How ‘Performance’ and ‘Learning’ comes straight after the first 2 skills


The 4 techniques that the above skills must be applied to


“Disruption” and how powerful it is in your business (step 1)


Learning how to “Re-Focus” yourself and your team (step 2)


Think ‘Who’, not ‘How’ to ensure you can “Engage Others” (step 3)


Combine everything to ensure you can “Expand Your Capacity” (step 4)


Adam running through an example of using the framework on a Sales Team


Look for the key triggers in your business to understand when to implement the framework (eg, Metrics, Skills, etc)


Examples for how you can easily engage others to scale beyond yourself


The exact steps on how to wrap the process up through reflection and increased capacity


Using lag and lead indicators to better understand if you are not tapping your true potential


How to start with the end in mind


Mark Sanborn’s daily routine to keep on-top of everything in his business and life


Complete round-up of Mark Sanborn’s framework


How to check out more about Mark Sanborn


Unsure on how to create and achieve your business goals?Download the Framework here.


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