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The current buzz that SEO, Paid Advertising and Content Marketing is the only type of marketing available is complete nonsense. If any business owner believes that they do not need to network, they will be in for a sorry mistake when they need to generate some quick leads, find potential employee’s or even see what other companies are doing to ensure that they are competitive.

The entire MTMP community (if you are not part of it, just join our mailing list by downloading today’s framework or joining our facebook group) will be aware that both Adam and I spend a lot of time meeting new people in various events, countries, seminars, conferences, etc. It is the quickest and easiest way to break down the barriers that people have when you are trying to push them into your lead / sales funnel or, God forbid, cold call them. The hard

The hardest part of going to events successfully is ensuring you have an outcome, a way to approach people and a couple of key strategies to ensure you do not waste a couple of hours in the corner, not talking to anybody.

So today, we have brought on a gentleman who would never be caught dead in the corner of an event. Michael O’Neil is both host of the Solopreneur Hour Podcast and also consults many businesses on how to extract more value from their networking, events, meet-ups and social media efforts (he is also a beast with a drum kit). Through his ability to network, he has been featured in INC Magazine, spoke at some of the top marketing events in the world and has built a thriving business from his specialty.

Michael dives into the biggest issues that people have when they are trying to network at events but breaks it down by focusing on the 3 stages around the event: Pre-Event, During Event and Post-Event. We walk through personal stories he has encountered where he was unsuccessful in the past at networking, how he has generated sales and the secret tips and tricks he has picked up along the way… we even jump into technology you can use to immediately break the ice.


To start, download this framework on how to have a successful business networking experience.


Show Notes:


The significance and importance of events in growing a business.


Michael O’Neil’s background and attending a lot of events.


The biggest pothole that every business owner makes when going to events.


The ‘aha’ moment, when Michael knew his event approach works


Snapshot of the Events Framework (Pre, During and Post).


How to create specific outcomes and actions for events


The 6-Word elevator pitch


Thriving by finding “Intro Buddies”


Using the Acronym ‘FORM’ to build a conversation with anyone


The secret to meeting the smartest people at the event, without the crowds


Inclusive body language


Simple, easy and streamlined post-event follow-ups


Quick summary of the exact steps every business owners needs to take at their next event


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