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Ensuring that the engine room of your business (human resources) has the best fuel to run (knowledge), good oxygen to breath (culture) and a spark to ensure it ignites (people) is not just something that is nice to have but is actually a necessity. However, there are many parts to an engine that ensure the critical elements work seamlessly and without fault and this is exactly what this episode is about.

If you are already a part of the MTMP community (if not, you definitely need to join our mailing list by downloading this episode’s framework), you would have been exposed to just how important having the right people is to ensure you are not stuck delivering to every part of your business. When you start looking into what makes a business really successful, you start to see that Entrepreneurs who have the ability to build a strong network of potential employees and customer are better placed than those who know how to do sales or marketing.

Your business runs only because of the key people who are in your team, so make sure that they are the best in the business at their specialty.

And this is why today’s episode is amazing! We have Brandon Laws who is a director over at Xenium HR and is the host of an incredibly famous podcast, HR for Small Business. The focus of Xenium HR is to help organisations set up, maintain and deliver a HR department that is not just there to maintain compliance but to build a team of people that grow a business beyond what the entrepeneur can do single handedly themselves.

Brandon goes in depth about the biggest trouble areas that his podcast guests, his clients and even his own business face when it comes to human resources and exactly the steps that they need to follow in order to turn them around. It is not a framework or process that has been built overnight but one that has been validated by hundreds and thousands of businesses that they have interacted with and made highly successful.


Get your own copy: “What You Need to Succeed in Outsourcing


Show Notes:


Adam and Grant start the podcast by discussing their importance of HR and the pitfalls they have experienced.


Adam introduces Brandon Laws from Xenium HR.


Brandon walks through his jounrye of HR, marketing, Xenium and how he has see the importance of HR rise.


Brandon shares the exactly moment he knew the importance of HR and how it changed him


Get your own copy: “What You Need to Succeed in Outsourcing



A short synapse of the supercharged HR department framework.


Grant, Adam and Pilar dive DEEP into the exact steps you need to take to have a successful team


Grant shares the exact steps you need implement to have a grow a business through proper HR


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