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One of the hardest steps that a business will ever undertake is going from being just the solo-entrepreneur and being able to do what the entrepreneur is technically good at, and then moving to managing a team of unique individuals who have their own opinions, their own goals and their own agenda, which might not always align with what you (the business) want or need.

The only way to ensure that your business continues to deliver a high-quality service or product is to be able to manage and lead the greater team to success than the entrepreneur could ever do on their own. What you (and most entrepreneurs) might not realise is that leadership and management is not a ‘choice’ but actually a ‘requirement’, if you are serious about the growth of the company and it not relying on you. And one of the best skillsets that you can learn is just that – management and leadership. Whether it involves your employees, your clients, your shareholders or your investors – you need to be able to master the art of human interaction in order for you to take control of any situation and lead them to the end goal that helps fuel your growth.

Over and over again, businesses fail as soon as they bring others into their house and I will tell you now, it is not always because the new people were not a great – it is typically because they were not managed, trusted, taught, appreciated or lead to success the right way.

This is exactly where today’s guest thrives! We discuss with Pilar Orti, director of Virtual Not Distant and the host at the 21st Century Work Life Podcast about the core framework that they teach to all of their clients while running them through their workshops and sessions. (We do also touch base quickly on Pilar’s voiceover feature in the Spanish version of the WiiFit)

Pilar goes in depth about her acronym, V.I.R.T.U.A.L., which is a very easy approach on how any entrepreneur or manager can connect with their team, no matter if they are on the other side of the world or right next to them. It is an incredible episode with some incredible takeaways, so, get into the episode and take away everything you possibly can.


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Show Notes:


Adam and Grant start the podcast by talking through management processes and their own journeys.


Grant introduces Pilar Orti from Virtual Not Distant.


Pilar walks through her personal journey regarding managing virtual and local teams but also how she become an authority on the topic.


Pilar shares her ‘aha’ moment, when she realised she could share the VIRTUAL framework with the world


Get your own copy: “What You Need to Succeed in Outsourcing



A brief overview of the framework.


Grant, Adam and Pilar dive deep into Visibility, Identity, Results, Trust, Upgrowth, Appreciation and Leadership.


Grant shares the summary for everyone to implement the process in their businesses (take note of this section)


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