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Found yourself not being able to connect with your customers? Feel as though your business partner is not understanding what you are trying to say? Or feel that your team does not resonate with the vision of your company? It could all lead down to the way that you are presenting it and how you are telling or asking them something, rather than engaging them through a story that they can easily relate to.

Being able to relate to your audience what you are trying to sell, promote or evangelise is critical in order to get their attention and for them to take the action that you want them to. And there is no better way to draw your audience in than with a story that they can easily relate to or share similar emotions with. It is the exact reason why ‘World Vision’ share stories of unfortunate chlidren, who then were sponsored and now able to fulfil a seemingly ‘normal’ life – you do not donate $1 a day for food but you are investing in a life and a story that you can share to your friends. It is exactly the same for your business! If people are not evangelising your business or sharing it to their network, it is because they do NOT remember a list of products or services or even the solutions to problems but they DO remember the story of why you started your business, the story you shared of the woman who used your product and was saved or even the story you told them about your family member who almost went bankrupt until they got your service. People love to repeat a great story (remember your friend talking about the latest Marvel movie), so why don’t you give them the next story they will share?

After the next 30 minutes, you will never have a customer ask you twice about what you do, your team will be able to share to their loved ones about how they make an impact in the world and you will know exactly how to craft messages to engage and structure a truly engaging story.

In this episode, we talk to Gabrielle Dolan, Author of Stories for Work (The Essential Guide to Business Storytelling) and is a is a global thought leader in authentic leadership and business storytelling. Gabrielle has helped big business understand the value of sharing stories in every part of their business including board meetings, large transformation projects, risk management, investor prospectus’, etc

Garbielle shares about her past, her key motto’s in life, how she ensures all of her clients can extract their best stories as well as the RIGHT way for them to present and structure their stories in order to evoke an emotion and relation.


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Show Notes:


The power of storytelling and relation to Batman’s story.


Introduction to the 4-time author storytelling, Gabrielle Dolan.


Gabrielle shares he background to storytelling (she even share’s a story about how she got into it)


She shares the moment she realised that stories were her calling


Unsure on how to create and achieve your business goals? Download the Framework here.



Discussion around the key steps on how to construct an engaging story


Shares the worst story she has found a business write and the best story she has read from a business.


Talk about how to practice and deliver a compelling story.


Summary on every key point throughout the episode (for listeners to take note of an put into their business)


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