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Ensuring your business has clear and definable business goals is critical in order for you to realign all of your team, efforts and focus consistently on the endpoint. If this is not done, the business will continue to jump from idea to idea without any direction as well as increasing the probability of failure.

Setting and achieving business goals does take extreme focus and attention, you always need to ensure that you are in the right mindset when setting the goals but also that you are constantly reviewing and aligning yourself to these goals in order to achieve them. In business, it is always easier to jump from one idea to the next as it will always maintain your excitement and engagement, this, however, is not how you achieve your businesses goals. You need to allow repetition to set in and understand that it takes a lot of hard work and can be extremely demoralising at times, BUT if you are always reminding yourself of the end goal, it will become a lot easier to get there.

Typically goals are missed due to the business not having a true connection to the goals, having set them without believing they can achieve them or just never going back to re-align their day to day activities in order to achieve them. MTMP will never let that happen to your business and your goals.

In this episode, we talk to Thomas O’Grady, host of Life Unsettled, which is focused on ensuring that our business and personal goals are always achieved through appropriate setup, maintenance and execution. Thomas has also appeared on TV and radio over 300 times, as well as appearing in print over 35,000 times.

Thomas shares about his past, some key analogies from other goal setting arena’s (such as sports), how he gets all of his clients to set the RIGHT goals for them and their business but more importantly, he walks us exactly through how we can achieve every single goal that we go out to achieve!


Unsure on how to create and achieve your business goals?Download the Framework here.


Show Notes:


Adam and Grant begin the podcast by discussing their view on setting and achieving business goals.


Adam introduces Thomas O’Grady from Life Unsettled.


Thomas talks about his own personal background around business and personal goals, while also providing some valuable lessons along the way.


Thomas shares the number one thing you should NEVER do when setting up goals.


Unsure on how to create and achieve your business goals?Download the Framework here.



The AHA moment that almost every business owner must have before they can really see the value of business goals.


Thomas discusses the 6 steps in order for every entrepreneur to set their businesses goals but also how they can achieve it with complete ease.


Grant shares a summary to wrap up the entire process (for listeners to take note of an put into their business)


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