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With partnerships being 14x more effective than any other form of marketing, it is surprising why more Entrepreneurs do not talk about it as one of their key success factors.

Forming strategic relationships is HARD WORK, you need to get the right introduction (or do it yourself), then you need to sell them on the perfect blend of win-win/value/outcomes that they can receive, then nurture them, ensure the leads are maintained but then also ensure they scale with your business. No Entrepreneur likes the idea of it – however, how can you ignore it, when the tactic has an ROI value of 9-to-1 in comparison to other forms of marketing.

Unlike others, let’s not ignore the topic because it is an unknown, let’s dive head first into it and add it to our arsenal.

In this episode, we talked to Simone Novello, Managing Partner of Partner 2 Grow, a business that is the leading authority in strategic and marketing partnerships, they also boast an incredible proprietary system that has helped them create hundreds of millions of dollars for hundreds of clients.

Simone discusses her past, what brought her into focusing so heavily on Strategic Partnerships and then spills the beans on exactly how to find, build and maintain strategic partnerships that could make your business millions. You definitely do not want to miss out on this episode because it is one that will change your business and mindset forever!


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Show Notes:


Adam and Grant begin the podcast by discussing the importance of Strategic Partnerships.


Adam introduces Simone Novello from Partner 2 Grow.


Simone talks about his personal history in detail and shares some high-level insights about Strategic Partners.


Simone dives into what drove her to Strategic Partnerships, over any other form of marketing.


Download this checklist to discover your most productive hours.



Adam asks Simone if everyone can implement the Strategic Partnership after this podcast. (hint: the answer is ‘yes’)


Simone discusses the 6 elements that make up every Strategic Partnership, and exactly how to do it.


Grant share a summary to wrap up the entire process (for listeners to take note of an put into their business)


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