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Any working professional including entrepreneurs have committed these two cardinal sins time and time again – being unproductive and unfocused especially during work. For us entrepreneurs, our workload is always heavy, irregular and demanding.

Ideally, we focus on work and should finish every task and activity within the time we set for it. In reality, some of our important activities get sidetracked, postponed or even completely abandoned simply because we don’t have focus and we lack self-productivity. No matter how many tools and processes we try to be more productive, we fall back to the same bad habits time and time again.

So, how do we permanently erase these bad habits?

We talked to Ash Roy, founder of Productivity Insights, an online business resource that provides solutions for people to be more productive and ignite self-productivity within themselves. He shares a system with five elements that can help us to curb laziness and procrastination. Plus, his system helps by instilling self-productivity and focus to generate meaningful work and great results. Ash and his team at Productivity Insights created this system so that everybody – from the entrepreneur to the employee can share the benefits and practice being focused and self-productive every day.


Download this checklist to discover your most productive hours.


Show Notes:


Adam and Grant begin the podcast by discussing the role of focus and productivity to an entrepreneur and in extension, his business.


Grant introduces Ash Roy, the founder of Productive Insights, a business resource that helps entrepreneurs and employees to be self-focused and self-productive in their work and business.


Ash talks about his personal history and insights about productivity.


Ash discusses the person who motivated him to pursue the ideas of focus and productivity.


Download this checklist to discover your most productive hours.



Grant asks Ash if his system can bring improved focus or greater productivity to people in the office.


Ash discusses the 5 elements of his system with examples and scenarios.


Summary – A summary to wrap up the system for better focus and greater productivity.


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