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Ask any business owner what their most lucrative asset regarding sales is and you’ll hear “referrals” almost 100% of the time. Having a solid referral network is the solid foundation of any business, and it is proven to work time and time again. No need to hire an expensive marketing team or create long sales campaign to give your business that consistent boost of revenue every month. Your business no longer needs to rely only on turning a loyal customers’ network into a referral source through constant contact, follow-ups and offering incentives. It can now utilise a proven process and frame that will ensure you start creating a referral source from your already existing connections and their connections.

Raj Jha of Practice Alchemy created a framework just to do that. You no longer need to research about how to improve your referral process or hire an expert anymore, just listen to this episode and immediately revamp your referral process. This framework is also an essential tool for budding entrepreneurs to get their own referral process and network of referral sources started.

Always remember that if you are not confident with reaching out to your network about your product or service, it usually suggests that your business does not deliver a high enough quality or that you are not serious about what you do.


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Show Notes:


Adam and Grant begin the podcast discussing and highlighting the importance of referrals in a business.


Grant introduces Raj Jha, the guest for this podcast. Raj Jha is the CEO of Practical Alchemy, a marketing and advertising firm for lawyers.



Raj narrates how he created his framework for building referrals sources.


Get instant access to our easy to follow referral framework. Download it here now.



Raj describes the moment when he realised that referrals are key in generating income/revenue.


Grant asks Raj if this framework can be applied immediately in a workplace setting.


Raj discusses his framework and how it can be applied in a high-level situation.


Grant asks Raj if there are any methods to increase the conversion rates for referrals.


Summary – A summary to wrap up the framework for creating and maintaining a network of referral sources from your connections.


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