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For every action that you or your team completes in your business completes, there should be a process for it. This is integral to your success as it provides structure for everyone within your business and creates consistency for clients most common requests and issues. However, there is something about processes that often cause people to just implement the bare minimum or ignore them all together, which is the easiest way an entrepreneur can go from doing 40 hour weeks to 100 hour weeks. Processes (or SOP’s) are often the first items that are relegated to the back burner while the team is busy delivering client-related tasks.

Constant overtime and stress levels led Nigel Moore to take a step back and consider how he could remove himself from so many hours in the office. The unsustainable pressure helped Nigel realise that solving issues himself and delivering every by investing more than 60 – 80 hours per week isn’t the most productive way of doing things. Instead, he turned to his team and let them help him figure out how they could all make everything simpler – the solution was finally found … Processes. Nigel and the team began to document and process every step in their company and completely streamline everything from operations to HR to finance.

Currently, Nigel is involved with TEETH Capital, an investment company and is the Chief Results Officer at My Technology Business in Sydney. His title and work help re-iterate just how passionate he is with processes. Furthermore, he has developed and refined the perfect framework that you can use to create and maintain processes for your business. This framework not only helps improve the quality of delivery but also aids with transforming your team into a process-oriented organisational.

In this podcast, Nigel gives us inside secrets around how you can easily embed frameworks about processes into your business, while also covering how to get your team not to frown on processing their jobs and entice them to create & maintain the processes they build. Nigel also discusses his feelings, experiences and framework about SOP’s throughout his Entrepreneurial journey to help us get motivated to do it for ourselves.


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Show Notes:


Adam and Grant begin the podcast with a discussion about business processes and SOPs.


Grant introduces Nigel Moore, owner of TEETH Capital and the Chief Results Officer at My Technology Business. Grant mentions that Nigel has embedded 1100 process in his company.


Nigel talks about his circumstances and reasons he started using processes for his business.


Nigel describes his AHA moment – the moment when he realised that he needs process in his business.


Want to ensure that your employees meet your business standards? Grab this guide on creating business processes.



Introduction of the Framework.


Nigel gets a philosophical question from Grant.


Summary – A summary of the eight steps of the framework and extra two pointers about creating, updating and documenting processes from Nigel Moore.


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