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It’s an insider secret – businesses, big and small, have their own ways to keep their current clients loyal and happy. Figuring out how to get loyal customers is the tricky part and it takes a lot of trial and error to get there.

Creating a loyal customer base is a goal that your business should be focusing on building, as there are a lot of advantages, such as regular sales, a good source of referrals and don’t forget a trustworthy source of feedback about your business. So, how do you make every customer loyal? Absorbing the expansive knowledge from Kristina Evey is a good start,

Twenty years has given Kristina Evey the knowledge, expertise, and experience regarding customer loyalty that has enabled her and her clients to thrive. She is a well-known speaker, coach, and consultant for many businesses in many different industries and helps them create a base of loyal customers through here proven frameworks and methods. Her success is enhanced by the systems being highly-adaptable for any sized business and industry.

In this podcast, Kristina discusses her expertise on customer experience and loyalty by sharing her proven five-step framework, its fundamentals and how it can transform your business into great heights with the help of your loyal customers.


Grab this guide on How to Keep Your Promises to Customers.

Show Notes:


Adam and Grant begin the podcast with a discussion of customer loyalty.


Adam introduces Kristina Evey, an expert on customer service for 20 years. He cites her philosophy on customer service and customer experience.


Kristina talks about the beginnings of her interest in customer service and loyalty. Further, she narrates how she created her five-step framework.


Kristina cites the fundamentals or pillars of her framework.


Grab this guide on How to Keep Your Promises to Customers.



Kristina discusses the five steps of her framework with examples using scenarios and tactics.


Summary – A summary of three minutes and thirty-eight seconds touches the points of the framework and specific tactics to create and get loyal customers.


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