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Major companies and brands in every industry systemise their processes to deliver consistently on their products and services anytime and anywhere. The systemisation of a business brings a lot of benefits. However, a lot of companies, typically those classified as small and medium enterprises, miss out on this opportunity due to knowledge gaps.

David Jenyns has been involved in a lot of businesses – whether it is the stock market, franchising in retail, having hundreds of websites under his name, selling a stadium’s merchandise or creating his own SEO company. Opportunities flock to him and he knows exactly how to extract most out of any business, especially when it comes to implementing systems and processes.

David fell in love with the systems and with this, he created a framework to systemise any business of any size. His seven step framework helps business owners systemise and processes their organization for growth and expansion, as well as to allow them to get some time off from the office.

David shares his experience regarding business systems and processes, his story in creating his framework and discusses how his framework will make your business kick into high gear without breaking too much sweat.


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Show Notes:


Adam and Grant begins the podcast by introducing the topic – Systemology: a 7-step framework that helps to systemise any business.


Grant introduces David Jenyns – a successful serial entrepreneur.


David talks about how he got started on the concepts of process creation and the beginnings of his framework, Systemology.


David narrates his realization regarding business systems and processes.


David imparts why a lot of business don’t get systemised.

Want to ensure that your employees meet your business standards? Grab this guide on creating business processes.


The Origins of Systemology.


A brief discussion of the seven steps.


The conditions to get the most of Systemology for your company.


Discussion about the steps of the framework and how David uses Systemology to systemise a business’ systems and processes.


Summary – The three minutes and 40 seconds summary of the framework and how entrepreneurs can systemise their business.


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