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How much have you spent on trying to get valuable market research and data? Have you actually ever tried it? Or just always thought they are out of your budget and reach?

When you have the ability to get inside the head of your customer, you gain the most valuable information that is available.

This information can be used to write sales content, structure a business proposal, customise marketing copy, use language your buyers use, alter the features of a product or service and even receive unbiased feedback on the market awareness of your brand.

If you have no idea where to start or you want to improve your skills with obtaining this data, we have invited Dan Petrovic over to discuss how him and his business uses surveys to maximise leads and sales for their clients.

He is a world renowned digital marketing speaker who has been in the industry since the 90’s and knows how to get the most out of his data.

Get the framework: Million Dollar Marketing Through Buying Personas

Show Notes:


Adam and Grant share their thoughts on market, customer and industry surveys.


Meet Dan Petrovic – Managing Director of DEJAN and Australia’s number 1 authority for SEO


How Dan got into using survey’s to boost leads and sales for his clients’


The exact framework on how to set up and interpret cold survey’s in your businesses

Get the framework: Million Dollar Marketing Through Buying Personas


How has Dan used survey’s to improve an E-Commerce business?


Summary – Using Surveys to Hit your Target Marketing and Crush your Sales


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