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We can’t always wait for opportunities to knock on our door. Sometimes, we have to hunt them down. Arguably, successful business is a result of unlocking your entrepreneurial genius. And it’s less about venture capital and more on bringing smart ideas to fruition. It’s about taking risks, being bold, and being creative without sinking the ship.

In this episode with Geoffrey Hanzlik, we’ll walk you through tips and tricks to unlock your entrepreneurial genius when you feel like you’re stumped.


Show Notes:


It’s all in the heads. It’s been discussed that a growth mindset is a necessary ingredient to handle business hurdles. Focusing on growth mindset unlocks that inner gift- the gift of entrepreneurial genius. We get taught in school but learning business is a different story.


We’ve got Geoffrey Hanzlik on the show. Geoff shares an overview about his entrepreneurial gift, and how he made it into executive coaching.


Geoff discusses the framework, process and steps that should be performed at a very high level. He highlights the importance of facing business hurdles (both internal and external) to get moving in business.


Now he walks through his experience, running through an example and shares his thoughts on how everything needs to be performed for a successful delivery. (It’s about sticking to the framework to make it big in business)


Answered several questions related to business challenges and how to cope with each hurdle to become successful.


Grant sums up the topic about Unlocking your Entrepreneurial Genius.


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