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How do you select managers or leaders for your company? Do you promote any of your senior employees, or hire a new person to grab the managerial role?

We know that appointing managers or leaders in the workplace is very tough. Not because one of your senior employees is skilled, it doesn’t mean that they can handle the leadership job.

However, it is possible to turn your employees as a great leader if you would support them and provide them leadership training.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve invited Luigi Amante over to discuss about turning employees into managers. Luigi is the co-founder of Agent Image and the co-founder of Design People.

He has over 200 staff both in the US and the Philippines and has been in the business for over 15 years. So Luigi is definitely the right guy to ask about turning employees into managers or leaders.

Get the framework: 10 Steps to Hone Your Employees as Leaders

Show Notes:


Adam and Grant share their thoughts on how to groom employees as managers or leaders.


Meet Luigi Amante – Co-founder of Agent Image and the co-founder of Design People.


How Luigi got into coaching and leadership


A framework on turning employees into managers or leaders

Get the framework: 10 Steps to Hone Your Employees as Leaders


What’s the best personality type of an employee who has greater chances of becoming a manager?


Summary – Turning Employees into Managers and Leaders with Luigi Amante


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