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What’s the biggest problem that you have ever encountered in running your business? Is it being unable to make enough sales?

While every business owner is always concerned about their sales, this is not the only issue that you should set your focus on.

Even if you are consistently hitting your monthly sales goals, other problems may arise. These problems may be an unusually high employee turnover rate, unable to retain customers, supply chain disruptions, outdated technology, and many more.

Encountering these issues in your biz might cripple your business’ future. Before that happens, learning how to find and fix biz problems is a must.

We have invited Ginger Jones over for today’s podcast. Ginger is the Founder of Jones Therapy and a member of EO, one of the largest business coaching companies in the world. So Ginger knows a thing or two about diagnosing problems in businesses and fixing them.

Get the framework: Diagnosing Problems in Business


Show Notes:


Adam and Grant share their thoughts about the importance of finding and fixing the biggest problems in one’s business.


Meet Ginger Jones – Founder of Jones Therapy


Ginger shares how she got into coaching, masterminding and diagnosing problems in business.


A quick guide on how to diagnose problems that your business encounters.

Get the framework: Diagnosing Problems in Business


How to get your business problems fixed by consulting a lot of people before you make a decision.


A specific example on how to apply the framework of diagnosing problems in business.


Summary – Finding and Fixing the Biggest Problems in Your Business with Ginger Jones


Resources Mentioned:

  • More Time More Profit Podcast Ep 052 – Finding and Fixing the Biggest Problems in Your Business with Ginger Jones
  • More Time More Profit Podcast Ep 047 – The Only Business Data that Matters and How to Track It with Rupert Bonham-Carter and Chris Wolski
  • Jones Therapy – is a therapyclinic serving pediatric and adult patients that offers Occupational, Speech, Physical and Feeding Therapy. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Ginger Jones – Get to know more about our guest through visiting her personal website where she shares a lot of useful information regarding child development, leadership and management.



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