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Are you getting results through your marketing efforts? If you are not, then you might have missed creating this important step.

Before you go marketing and offering your products and services to anyone, you have to define your buying personas first.

A buying persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Whom do you want to sell your products? What are their demographics? Who are they?

Oftentimes, your marketing efforts are gone to waste because you didn’t try to understand who your target customers really are. Hence, you keep marketing to the wrong people.

So we’ll help you fix this problem and invited Siva Gounder over to talk about buying personas – what is it, how to create one and how to make it work.

Siva Gounder has gone on to enjoy a fruitful 18 year career in digital marketing and sales, co-founding and selling two profitable digital marketing agencies to global media giant Dentsu Aegis. Today, his latest projects include a tech start-up called Weezo and My Goodlife Strategies.

Grab this freebie overload: Buying Persona Framework + Workshop Guide + Templates


Show Notes:


Introduction about buying personas – what is it and how it contributes to your company’s growth.


Meet Siva Gounder – founder of the upcoming fully transactional real estate platform, Weezo, and My Good Life Strategies, a website that shares strategies on how to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life.


Siva shares his story on how he got into marketing and how he discovered his aha-moment.


Learn the key steps on how to create buying personas and how to run an effective persona workshop for your team.

Grab this freebie overload: Buying Persona Framework + Workshop Guide + Templates


Examples and further elaboration of the buying persona framework.


Steps on how to validate your created buying personas.


Tips on how to progress your marketing approach on different buying persona levels.


Million Dollar Marketing Through Buying Personas with Siva Gounder – summary



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