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Wouldn’t it be great to have a recurring income every month?

Customers will pay you for your products or services every month, and then you will not have to worry anymore whether you’ll make money or not.

But is this possible? Yes, it is! If you follow the recurring revenue model, you’ll be able to pocket a sure income from your business.

If you don’t know how to make this model work for your biz, we have invited Shane Sams, the co-founder of Flipped Lifestyle, to share with us some great pieces of advice on how to adopt this business model.

Shane is an online entrepreneur who has been raking 6-figures of profit every month using the recurring revenue model, and he has been featured on prominent entrepreneur sites like Forbes, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.

Download the recurring revenue framework here.


Show Notes:


Adam and Grant share their thoughts about the recurring revenue model.


Introducing Shane Sams – Co-Founder of Flipped Lifestyle.


Shane shares how he got into using the recurring revenue model.


The key steps in adopting the revenue recurring model.

Download the recurring revenue framework here.


Tips on building a community for your business model.


Shane cites specific examples on what kind of recurring revenue model can be used for different types of service-based business (eg, plumbing, data recovery, coffee shop, vet clinics)


How to prevent people from unsubscribing.


The Recurring Revenue Model with Shane Sams – summary



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