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Do you know that a large number of small businesses put them out of operation due to lack of funding?

According to an article in, the lack of funding is among the four most common reasons why a small business fails. (Other reasons include inadequate management, business plan and infrastructure issues, and marketing mishaps).

Funding shortfalls happen when the working capital and operation costs outweigh your sales revenue, forcing you to lay off employees, or worse, close your business.

To prevent your business from failing due to lack of funds, we have invited Terri Hanson Mead, an active angel investor and the President of Solutions 2 Projects, to share with us on how to pitch to investors and get the funds needed for your biz.


Download the framework on how to pitch to investors here.


Show Notes:


Adam and Grant briefly tackle how they fund their businesses.


Introducing Terri Hanson Mead – President of Solutions 2 Projects, active angel investor, and Vice President of Sand Hill Angels in the Silicon Valley.


Terri shares how she got into angel investing.


Get to learn about some investing or fund-raising terminologies.


Terri cites an example on how angel investors like her choose startups to invest for.


A framework on how to pitch to investors; what investors look for.

Watch the video below:


Download the framework on how to pitch to investors here.


Why you need warm introductions before you can pitch to investors.


How to Pitch to Investors and Get Funded with Terri Hanson Mead – summary


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