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The world of entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes, you’re feeling happy, and sometimes (or most of the time), you’re feeling down.

During the darkest hours of your life, there seem to be no hope. Happiness seems to be out of reach. And you feel like breaking down.

You’re not alone. Everyone has their own story to tell. Even the most successful persons in the world experience loneliness despite having all that money.

Today, Anil Gupta, the author of the popular book, Immediate Happiness, will share with us today on how to find happiness even at the toughest times of our life including business.

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Show Notes:


Business coaches, Adam and Grant, shared their own ups and downs as business owners.


Meet Anil Gupta, the bestselling author of Immediate Happiness. He is also a public speaker and has spoken at events of over 10,000 people, and has numerous appearances at Harvard and on Fox News.


Anil shares how he got into happiness and transformational coaching, and how he got back up onto his feet after experiencing the most challenging moment of his life with the help of Tony Robbins, his wife, and other kind people around him.


Anil shares how he broke away from living in a world where he felt that his identity was based on money alone.


Talks about how outsourcing can help lessen the load of your business, and where to find a reliable and credible VA team.

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Introducing the 3G’s of happiness for entrepreneurs – the very framework that Anil used to enable him to get where he wants to be.

Watch the video below:


Adam and Grant ask Anil on how to find positivity and apply the framework in a seemingly hopeless situation. Eg, Business closing down and out of money to pay staff


How to break business ego and defense.


Summary – The 3G’s of Happiness for Entrepreneurs with Anil Gupta


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