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Here comes another prosperous year. But will your business prosper this year 2017? It will! Especially if you hold your annual business meeting.

An annual business meeting is the process of holding a yearly strategic planning session that enables your company to analyse its past 12 months of operation, and plan for its next 12 months of operation. This yearly review session often comes in the form of a 2-day company retreat.

However, there are still several business owners who feel that they don’t have the need for holding an annual meeting agenda, due to the lack of funds, or they just feel that it is not important.

But remember, if you fail to plan for your company’s future, you will always be on the back foot, and your competition will easily get ahead of you.

If you failed to hold an annual meeting agenda, you will be at a loss on how each of your company’s departments performed. Did they do better or worse?

You won’t also know what problems that need to be diagnosed. As such, these unidentified problems will keep haunting you next year.

Failing to address all these problems will then hinder your vision of having a more booming business in the upcoming year.

Don’t let this year’s mistakes be repeated this upcoming year. Download our Annual Business Meeting Framework to help you start the new year with a blast.


Show Notes:


Get to know the latest life and business updates of More Time More Profit’s business coaches, Adam and Grant.


Everything about annual business meeting. What is it about and how it helps you take your business up a notch.


Learn the seven key steps on making your annual business meeting agenda a success. From preparation of your yearly review meeting, down to wrapping it up, our annual business meeting framework got your covered.


Talks about how outsourcing can help lessen the load of your business, and where to find a reliable and credible VA team.

Experience working with our recommended VA team within a week for FREE!


Business coach Adam shares an example on how holding an annual business meeting enabled him to grow his digital media company in terms of tripling their staff, doubling their profits, and tripling the services that they offered.


Business coach Grant shares what he learned from participating in an annual meeting agenda held by a physical retail store in Australia that also has an online presence.


Annual Review Business Meeting Agenda – a walkthrough.


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Specialising is business processes, frameworks and systems, Grant has founded multiple businesses that all operate to target the key fundamental of scalability. His goal is to improve millions of people's lives by assisting business owners to succeed.