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How often do you provide training for your staff?

Most companies only train their staff during their onboarding phase. However, once past that phase, business owners often neglect to train their employees consistently over time.

Even if you have hired the best employees for your company, their knowledge and skills will also rust if you don’t train them.

Just like a talented athlete who always skips practice, your employees will have a harder time doing their tasks and responsibilities.

Team training will help you keep up with industry and technology changes, as well as stay ahead of your competition. This will also be beneficial for your employees especially if they are seeking for chances of promotion.

If you feel that training and development of employees shouldn’t be one of your priorities, then you might be outgrown by your competitors.

So, if you don’t want to be left behind, download this training and development of employees framework.


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I just landed back here in the Philippines, and I’m preparing our new office for our team. Will also do some strategic planning, systems building and process improvements. While Adam has been busy sorting out his equipment for the video production.


On this episode, we will be talking about the training and development of employees. Do you often provide your employees with sufficient training? If the importance of employee training and development does not sink in yet to you, this podcast will let you know its real value for your company.


Training and development of employees is applicable to all types of business owners and entrepreneurs who have a team or even just a few number of staff. Let us introduce you with the 5-part framework that you need to observe to successfully train your staff.


Talks about how outsourcing can help lessen the load of your business, and where to find a reliable and credible VA team.

Experience working with our recommended VA team within a week for FREE!


Adam shares an example on how he had used the 5-part training and development framework on upskilling his sales team from a past company.


On the other hand, I’m sharing with you my own experience when training and developing a virtual operations team. This will be definitely handy for you if you also have remote staff in your company.


5 Part Framework for Development and Training of Employees – a walkthrough.


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