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As a business owner, one of your most important jobs is to make a lot of profit. But it is also equally important to ensure to protect your business’ best interests and assets from different entities such as your unhappy clients, competitors, creditors, the government, and even your own staff.

Because if you failed to take measures on protecting your business, your source of income could potentially fall into ruins. And in case your business gets into trouble, you could be drowned in debts, or your ideas may be stolen, or you may be even get sued. There are a lot of things that might happen to your business if you don’t take business protection seriously.

So, on today’s podcast, we will be teaching you some ways on how to protect your business. But take note, we are only business coaches, not lawyers, so this episode does not count as legal advice. We will just share with you some of the business protection measures we have taken ourselves based from our several years of experience in business coaching and entrepreneurial fields.

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Show Notes:


I’m starting to pack things up here in Australia and I’m excited to create our first business coaching video here in More Time More Profit. On the other hand, Adam, your travel buff business coach, is busy planning his travels for the next six months.


On this episode, we will be emphasising why you should take business protection measures seriously, and how will your business benefit from it.


Introducing the five pillars of asset and business protection which include advisors, structure, protection, insurance and security. Listen to this part to learn more details for each segment.


Talks about how outsourcing can help lessen the load of your business, and where to find a reliable and credible VA team.

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Adam will walk you through on how to set up a company with business protection in mind. He also shares his experience on how having their company insured saved them from the trouble of getting sued personally when one of their client websites encountered some unexpected issues.


On this segment, I’ll be sharing with you how I had set up my businesses which are structured to protect myself first and finances second. As my finances grew, I could start to afford business protection, but if I had the ability to do it all again, I would have made a higher priority to invest in all of the five pillars.


5 Pillars to Asset and Business Protection – a walkthrough.


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