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You thought that you’ve hired the perfect employee. He’s good at everything he does, but you haven’t imagined yourself that that employee would be grounded for termination of employment.

As much as you want to keep everyone in your team and help them on their career growth, you have never thought yourself that you would fire someone.

Losing one’s job is definitely a big blow not only to the person you would fire, but it would affect the family he supports as well.

While it might be saddening, as business owners, you should grit your teeth and fire your employee who is deserving to be fired.

If you won’t and have pity on them, this could affect your entire company and face more bad repercussions and consequences.

However, if you failed to properly handle your employee’s termination of employment, you might find yourself in court and pay a hefty compensation.

In order for you to avoid getting into this mess, More Time More Profit lists five of the most important requirements to the termination of employment.

Download this guide on how to properly terminate employees (with termination letter templates).


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Want to know what Adam and I did during the last few days? I’m actually in Melbourne, doing my last trip for the year (hopefully), and Adam is also heading over here on the weekend. We’ve got our new camera setup ready and we are ready to shoot some videos.


Today, we are talking about the requirements on termination of employment. As much as we want to keep everybody in, there are some circumstances that will prompt you to fire someone.


To ensure that you get the most out of your business, you always need to ensure that you’ve got the right team in place and at times, this will call for termination of employment. For you to be fair when terminating employees and in a legal manner, here are the 5 requirements.


Talks about how outsourcing can help lessen the load of your business, and where to find a reliable and credible VA team.

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Adam shares an example where he needed to terminate one of his sales guys due to underperformance.


I have removed employees in the past, but I will be sharing an experience from a couple of years ago that most of business owners go through especially when it comes to redundancies or retrenchment.


5 Requirements to the Termination of Employment – a walkthrough.


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