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You have the perfect business plan and hired all the most competent staff. And yet after several years of running the business, you’re still stuck. What might be preventing you from achieving your goal? While it’s true that you should keep your plan and staff in check, how about your ego?

In one way or another, your ego could affect the performance of your company. If it’s too high or too low, one thing is for sure, it could affect your business negatively. Even if you have all the resources in the world for your business, but your ego gets in the way, then you have a serious problem to solve.

Don’t let your ego stop you and your business from moving forward. Download this 3-step guide and start changing yourself.


Show Notes:


Welcome to MTMP’s 7th podcast episode entitled “Your Ego Is Destroying Your Business.”


Understanding ego and how having a balanced ego helps you to excel in business.


Find out the 3-step framework that teaches you how to keep your ego in check. Learn how to be confident in everything you do, but not arrogant.


Need a reliable and credible VA team for your business? More Time More Profit knows where to find one.

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Discussing how the topic relates to MTMP’s podcasting experience.


Discussing how having an ego you’re not aware of could affect your business and the people around you.


Wrapping up and a brief recap on the 3-Step Ego to Humility Framework.


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The only one who can stop or manage your ego is you.


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