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If you want to establish a direction for your company, having a clear mission is a must. Oftentimes, a mission is overlooked. Most businesses only craft mission statements that sound good but always fail to follow it.

Your mission statement should not only be for show, but it should be followed because it gives your business purpose and meaning. It also helps realize your business vision, goals and objectives.

So if you feel that your business has gone off the rails, through listening to this podcast, we will help you get back on track by redefining your mission and driving success through it.

Don’t have a well-defined business mission yet? Get this freebie guide on how to write better mission statements.

Show Notes:


Welcome to MTMP fourth episode entitled “Success Through Missions.”


Comparing a business mission to that of going to war, and introducing the “4-Step Mission Journey”


Talks about how outsourcing can help lessen the load of your business, and where to find a reliable and credible VA team.


Grant and Adam share their thoughts about mission, and defined some examples on how a mission is different from a vision.


Elaborating the 4-Step Mission Journey, its components and how it helps give your business and personal missions a proper structure.


Elaborating and applying the 4-Step Mission Journey on creating a better business mission – with specific examples for each step.


Elaborating and applying the 4-Step Mission Journey on creating a better personal mission – with specific examples for each step.


Wrapping up and discussing the podcast’s 5-point summary detailing the steps on creating mission statements.

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More Time More Profit Podcast Ep 004 Your business mission outlines what you need to get done in order to potentially achieve your vision.

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