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As a business owner, you may have the tendency to do everything even though you have your own staff who are working for you. You tend to let yourself handle all the work thinking that your staff might be unable to deliver or do something wrong that would cost your business. We do understand that feeling, but for your business to grow, we also need to have a bit of faith to our employees.

Now, if this is exactly you, this podcast will help you defeat that superhero syndrome. Instead of being a superhero, learn how to be a role model to your staff for them to meet your expectations in your business.

Want to have a super flourishing business without burning yourself out? Then follow these 5 steps on how to leverage your time and scale your business.

Show Notes:


Welcome to MTMP first episode. Talks about the hosts’ current business ventures.


Introduction of the podcast topic “Be a Role Model, Not a Superhero” which also discusses the podcast’s expected 3 learning outcomes.


Explaining the role model-superhero topic further through using examples and analogies.


Talks about how outsourcing can help lessen the load of your business, and where to find a reliable and credible VA team.


Outlines how business owners be able to recognize the superhero syndrome within themselves as well as their team.


Discusses simple yet effective ways on how to prioritize business tasks.


Talks about delegation of tasks and whom to delegate.


Enumerates the 5-point summary for the podcast topic, “Be a Role Model, Not a Superhero”

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More Time More Profit Podcast Ep 001 Quit acting like a lone superhero. Share your business’ load among your team.

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