“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business,” Richard Branson once said. And we believe he is right. For every business to succeed, we need the help of our employees, so we better treat them well.

But currently, businesses are experiencing an employee engagement crisis worldwide. According to Gallup.com, only 13% of employees are engaged at work – employees who are truly enthusiastic and committed to their work. And the rest are only working for the sake of earning a living. And we don’t want that.

employee engagement


Do you know why your employees are becoming less engaged towards their work? It’s not only because of the money, but it may be due to your poor leadership and management.

Your employees become less engaged with work and are secretly hating you because you are committing these management mistakes:

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You show who’s your favourite.

We all have our favourite employees. That’s for sure. It’s understandable that we have our favourites because some employees have a likeable personality, some do their job so well, or they may be simply nice to hang out with.

Whatever the reason is, you should still be fair to all of your employees, or else it will stir up jealousy in the workplace. If it’s the company’s policy to deduct pay to employees who show up late at work, then so be it. No exceptions, even your favourite employee.


You lash out and blame.

lash out and blame


Your company will really experience tough times. Lashing out and blaming others for our misfortunes are completely normal reactions. But as the boss of your own company and as a professional, lashing out and blaming your employees are somewhat unacceptable behaviours.

If you get angry and shout at your employee who committed the error, other employees will grow scared of you and be unable to concentrate better at work. Worse, it can result to high employee turnovers. Who wants to work with a boss who has a short fuse?


You don’t remember your promises.

One of the reasons why employees become less engaged at work is because you don’t stay true to your promises. For example, you promised your newly hired employee to raise his salary every year. But two years have already passed, and the promised salary raise isn’t happening.

If you constantly break your promises, your employees will not be motivated to work and be less productive. So, don’t make promises you can’t keep.


You fail to communicate effectively.

communicate effectively


In our previous blog post, we have mentioned that one of the best qualities a leader should possess is being able to communicate effectively. Work errors usually arise if you have given unclear instructions, or if you haven’t expressed your ideas well.

And when it’s time to check your employees’ work, everything they did is completely different from what you have envisioned.


You do not trust your employees.

Isn’t it irritating when someone asks you for your advice, only to find out that they didn’t do it? And they’d keep whining to you after.

You ask your employees for their suggestions. You pretend you’re listening to them, but you keep implementing your own strategies because you don’t trust them. When your strategies fail, you’ll hold a staff meeting and ask your employees why. And the cycle repeats.


You are not delegating.



A good leader, manager and boss knows how to delegate. If you are not delegating, you are committing grave management mistakes. While delegating important projects or tasks is scary because you don’t want to fail, it is scarier if your projects are not started or finished.

You hired employees to help you in your business and reduce tons of workload on your shoulders. But if fail to delegate, not only will you have your clients wait, but your staff will also feel that you don’t trust them.



No one’s perfect leading a group of people. You may be unable to completely avoid committing these common management mistakes, but if you work your way through it step-by-step, you and your employees will have a better work relationship and they will be more enthusiastic working under you.

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