Most businesses have the notion that the best and number one way to make customers happy is to provide a much cheaper price of their products and services than their competitors.

While this is an attractive way to lure customers in, this is not the only thing you should be fixated about.

According to this ZDnet’s article of Eileen Brown, two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay more for the same product if guaranteed a better experience.

So you don’t have to be too hard on yourself and lower your products’ and services’ prices because customers have other things they care about more than offering them a cheap price, and these are:


1.    Delivering what you have promised.

To make customers happy, you must deliver what you have promised.

Last year, I ordered an item from an online shop and according to their delivery information, I could receive the item within 3-7 days. But a week passed. Nothing.

I called their customer support and told them about the issue. Done this so many times and they said that the item was already being shipped. But a month passed. Still nothing.

So I cancelled my order, took a refund, and never buy from them again.

You see, when you don’t keep your promises, you’ll lose customers, and they will tell the whole world about their negative feedback on your business.

Grab this guide on How to Keep Your Promises to Customers.


2.    Reply to customer queries promptly.

Whether your customer has an issue to solve, a question to answer, or asking for some help, always reply to them promptly.

Customers are impatient and they want solutions to their issues and answers to their questions fast.

Based on this Help Scout article, respond to your customers within an hour – that is, if your team has the capacity. Doing so would make customers happy because of your attentiveness and customer loyalty will be built.

However, if it isn’t possible to respond within an hour, at least make it possible to reply to all customer queries within 24 hours.


3.    Be more personal when providing customer support.

To attract more customers and make them happier, add a personal touch when providing customer support.

While your company has a ‘script’ or ‘process’ to follow in customer support, humanising your script will help you connect more with your customer and make them feel that they are talking with a real person.

And Buffer does it so well. Aside from talking/responding casually, they even include the name of their current on-duty social media support.

If it would be other companies, the response would be something this robotic: Please check your inbox. We sent you a message regarding this.


4.    Own mistakes.

When your business commits a mistake or is experiencing some issues that affect your customers, confess it up, apologise and fix it immediately.

Customers will be more than happy and accepting if you own your mistakes and not hiding it from them. Ignoring and hiding your problems from your customers will only make them feel worse.

And if you refuse to acknowledge your own mistakes, it will only make it appear that you’re always making a bunch of excuses and never want to accept any responsibility.


5.    Say thanks.

When someone has expressed their sincere gratitude on you, how does it make you feel? It makes you feel proud and happy, right? And that’s the same with your customers.

Saying thanks to them makes them happy and gain a positive experience from your company. And this will help your business reach greater heights.

Customers who gain a positive experience often become your repeat customers and refer you to their family and friends!

Now you know that in order to make customers happy, offering cheaper prices is not always the solution. How about you? What methods do you use to make your customers happy? Feel free to share your thoughts!



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