Have you ever felt you didn’t accomplish much after spending more than eight hours of work in your office or workplace?

As the business owner, you always start on time to get things done and always leave last. You are always busy working but you aren’t close enough to finishing your supposed tasks for the day – which is definitely not good.

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To help you improve your productivity at the workplace, try doing these simple office hacks:


Increase your work efficiency by playing background music.


Most often, the culprit for your lack of productivity is your noisy environment; hence, declining your work focus and efficiency. While office distractions cannot be totally purged, you can get back on track by playing background music.

Experts reveal that playing music while at work can make your repetitive tasks more enjoyable even while in unfavourable conditions. It helps you increase your efficiency in performing tasks because listening to music helps you improve your mood.

So what kind of music should you play? Though you have favourite lyrical songs that you are wanting to play, it may be a bit distracting on your part since you might sing along with it. Hence, it would be much better to play nature sounds, classical music or even video game remixes.


Improve your mood by decorating your desk with a plant.


It is said that happy people are likely to get more things done, so improve your mood by getting a plant or two and place it on top of your desk.

Based on a research, plants do not only improve the air quality in your office space, but they also help increase your mood, concentration and work satisfaction.

Though taking care of a plant is another task you must add to your to-do list, you can just get succulent plants that don’t need much care such as cactuses, snake plants, aloe plants and many more.


Use dual screens to boost productivity.

dual screens

Does your business involve the use of computers? Then you should consider using dual screens. With two monitors at your desk, you don’t have to minimise tabs every time or switch between multiple tabs.

Open and view your most important tasks on your main screen, then view your least important tasks on your other screen.

This especially helps when you always do research and do other things such as encoding, typing, data analysis, etc.


Adjust your workplace’s temperature and lighting.


You and your employees won’t be able to work well if it’s too hot or too cold, and if you don’t have adequate lighting.

Set your office’s temperature to around 25 degree Celsius and make sure that your air conditioning unit faces away from any of your staff. Place it around a corner or install it above to prevent anyone from being directly hit by the cold air.

As for lighting, draw up your office’s blinds during the early hours of the day to let natural light in. But if your workplace is devoid of natural light, install bulbs that are neither too bright nor dim.


Have water coolers at your office to combat dehydration.


This might be a no-brainer but dehydration affects productivity. When you or any of your employees are dehydrated, you’re not only thirsty but you also feel fatigued; hence, you don’t have the energy to do your tasks and perform well.

So instead of making yourself and your staff running around just to get some water, invest for water coolers and make them accessible for everyone.

Drinking water also lowers your stress levels, gives you more energy and improves your brain functioning to help you get throughout the day.


Can you share other office hacks that help improve your productivity? Please let us know through commenting below.

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