While everyone can start a business as long as they have the money, not everyone else can keep the business running because they lack a valuable skill. And that is having good persuasion skills.

To keep the cash flowing into your business, you need to make people buy your products and services. And to make them buy from you, you should do everything you can to make it appear that you have the most amazing products and services in the world.

But if you notice recently that your business is hardly raking in any sales, then you might not be persuading enough. Though you might say that you really don’t have the talent of persuading, it is not enough reason for you to give up. Though talent is innate to some, skills can be learned and this includes persuasion skills.

So if you want to explode your business sales, you need to level up your skills of convincing people. Here’s how you can improve yours.


1. Use the scarcity technique.

scarcity technique


You did everything to list the unique products and services that your business offers, but unfortunately, your business is not really a hundred percent unique. Even your competitors are saying the same thing.

If you want to land more sales to your business, then you can use this persuasion technique to make people look at your product.

For example, you will be offering your customers with early bird specials or pre-sales; that when they buy your product or use your service within a particular period, they can avail it on a cheaper rate.

I remember one time when I was invited to a networking event and I was given a cheaper rate for an early ticket purchase. Knowing that the prices was going to go up if I didn’t buy it now, I immediately jumped onto their offer, and they successfully made a sale.


2. Provide social proof.

You know what, presenting your credentials, testimonials, and other forms of social proof is another way of persuading a customer?

When you stumbled on a business for the first time, what information do you immediately want to know about them? Perhaps it could be their years of service in the industry, their testimonial page, their social media accounts, and see what people say about them. Or it could be the certifications they possess, the credibility badges, and the likes.

But aside from these typical social proofs, you can actually use a photo too to convince them buy your product or service. For example, I showcase my photo of me and Sir Richard Branson online. Since I’m with the Virgin tycoon, it gives me instant social proof and it will give people the impression that I am a person worth listening at.


3. Think about your customer’s pain points.



Most often, businesses only highlight how great their products and services are, but fail to address their customer’s pain points. Customers only care about themselves and what they will get from you. If you cannot let them see that they need you in their life, then they will never approach you.

To convince them that they actually need your products and services, list all the pain points your customers might be having; how these pain points affect and make their life worse. Rub it into them like salt. Then alleviate their suffering by highlighting what your business can do about their problem.

Sometimes, your customers just don’t realize that they have a problem to solve until someone would tell them.


4. See how others do it and practice every day.

Another effective method of improving your persuasion skill is studying how other businesses and known brands do it. You may read their websites, subscribe to their sales newsletters, and even listen to cold calls (even if you hate it).

There are many things to learn from others which you can apply to yourselves. And if you ever find a method that you think is perfect for your business, don’t be afraid to try it. Practice every day and talk to different kinds of people so you will gain more experience on listening and convincing other people. You can talk with them personally, or even through chat, a letter or a phone call.



The more you communicate with other people, the more ideas will pop through your head and think of better ways on how to negotiate with them about your products and services.


So when you master the art of persuasion, your customers will be less resistant to buy your product. You will help them set their mind at ease, and will soon realize that your product or service is worth buying.

So if you want to improve your persuasion skills at a faster period of time, download our checklist below and use it as a guide.

Specialising is business processes, frameworks and systems, Grant has founded multiple businesses that all operate to target the key fundamental of scalability. His goal is to improve millions of people's lives by assisting business owners to succeed.