One of the biggest challenges of every business owner is finding clients for their products and services. Though there are many ways on how to get clients, have you already found the best platform to use? If you haven’t yet, then you may try looking out for new clients on LinkedIn. Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a reliable social media platform for promoting your business.

Dubbed as the largest professional network, LinkedIn boasts its 433 million plus members that mainly consists of business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors, managers and employees. In fact, 1 out of 3 professionals have a LinkedIn profile. Based on these stats alone, we can already see that LinkedIn offers us plenty of opportunities to maximize our business growth.

But the question is, how do you exactly find clients on LinkedIn? Here are some of the best methods that you can use to land a deal using this platform.


1. Help clients find you by completing your profile.

When I first joined LinkedIn, I was never an active user because I found it somewhat boring. However, one time, I didn’t expect that a business opportunity would come knocking at my door.

Another LinkedIn user added me. And when I accepted his connection request, he asked me if I could do business with him and manage his website’s search engine optimization or SEO. I was like wow. I never imagined that LinkedIn could get me a new client even if I practically ignored this platform.

I asked my client how’d he find me. He said that my profile appeared in one of the results with the search term SEO. I was so thankful that I practice the good habit of completing my profile on every online platform that I join.

So if you want to find clients on LinkedIn, help them easily find you by completing your profile. Include all of your targeted keywords that you want yourself to be searched for. As you fill in the details of your profile, LinkedIn will show you a Profile Strength meter shown at your profile’s right sidebar. And of course, a profile with an All-Star level is the best one.

linkedin profile


Essentially, there are five levels of LinkedIn Profile Strength:

  1. All-Star
  2. Expert
  3. Advanced
  4. Intermediate
  5. Beginner

To have an All-Star level profile, just continuously add more content.

Need an All-Star level LinkedIn profile? Download this guide to build a complete and impressive profile that would make clients wanting to be working with you.


2. Grow your network through connecting with your target audience.

invite connection


Do you just add anyone as friends in your personal social media accounts? No, right? Well, that’s how you should treat your social profiles for business too. Though it’s great to have many connections, the numbers do not mean anything if you are not connected with the right people.

Before, I also had the tendency to connect with any LinkedIn users that I see, even if connecting with them doesn’t really bring anything on the table. As a result, I wasn’t able to see the most important updates of those people whom I really care about. Hence, I tried to be more selective as to whom I connect with.

So today, before I accept any connection request, especially on LinkedIn, I always consider the industry I am in and re-evaluate my target market. With these in mind, I now connect with people who are relevant to my business goals.

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3. Consider publishing articles on LinkedIn Pulse.

I recently asked Sam Hurley, Founder of OPTIM-EYEZ and Onalytica’s #2 Global “Digital Marketing Influencer” of 2016, regarding the best methods on how to get clients using LinkedIn.

sam hurley influencer quote


Sam agrees that growing one’s network is a must, and posting articles on LinkedIn Pulse at least once per week can also help broaden your client reach. If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn Pulse, it is LinkedIn’s publishing or blogging platform. You can attract clients this way because when you blog with LinkedIn Pulse, you’ll get more exposure to the platform’s massive users.

Also, based on the article written by Nicki Lamont-Cholfe, Content Manager of TechWyse, Google is more likely to show your Pulse posts in search results than your personal blog since LinkedIn belongs to the top 10 most trafficked sites.


4. Show your expertise in LinkedIn groups.

Participating in LinkedIn group discussions also works wonders for your business. If you are wondering how to get clients in LinkedIn groups, it actually works this way. First, you join groups where your target clients are mostly hanging out.

Say for example, you are offering digital marketing services to any kind of business, but you want to directly contact and connect with business owners or CEOs. Using LinkedIn’s search tool, you can look for the terms business owner, CEO or entrepreneur. Then by using LinkedIn’s Groups filter, it will show you your targeted groups.

linkedin groups


Join the groups you want to be a member of. On your first post, introduce yourself and tell the members what your business does – if the group rules allow. Then allot some time to explore the group posts and look for members who are needing help. Answer their questions the very best that you can. Or if you can’t find any questions that are needing answers, you can simply comment on their posts and express your unique views, just like this one:

linkedin comment


When you frequently hang out in the group and help everyone, you will later build a name for yourself and people might show interest working with you.


5. Update your LinkedIn status from time to time.

Sometimes, people whom you have connected with forget what your business does or who you are. Even if you have messaged them before about your services, they simply just forget because they aren’t needing your service during that time.

Pop up on their LinkedIn feed by updating your LinkedIn status regularly. It may not always be a promotional post, but you can also share blog posts, podcasts or even motivational quotes. The key here is to help remind them that they have you in their connections.

linkedin profile views


Plus, if you update your status more frequently, you will have more profile views. Who knows? The person viewing your LinkedIn profile might be your next big client.

How about you? Are you also using LinkedIn to find more clients for your business? What are your suggested ways on how to get clients more effectively on LinkedIn? Share us your thoughts on the comment box below.

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