It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is one great time to have a profitable business, because people are eager to buy something new for their family, friends and themselves. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an online biz, you’re up for making more sales and money.

So, how was your last holiday marketing campaign? Did it help you maximise your profits? Or your sales hadn’t go up that much at all?

If you have difficulties making sales every Christmas season, here are some holiday marketing tips that you should consider adding to your usual holiday marketing strategies.

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1.      Create time-limited offers to motivate your customers to buy now.

It’s really hard to give discounts, especially if you don’t make much sales in your business. But it is Christmas. Customers always expect sales and discounts during the holiday season, so if you don’t create special offers on your store, chances are, you won’t make much sales. They will go to the nearest store instead that offers discounts which also sells the same product as you.

If you are worried that giving discounts would shatter your business if it runs for too long during this season, the best thing you could do is just to create a time-limited offer. This is an effective method for making your customers to buy now, because the offer will run out or be out of stock if they don’t do it now.

Here’s an example from Amazon.

Online shoppers won’t be able to enjoy Amazon’s free 2-day shipping if they go past the time-limited offer.


2.      Market as twice as hard than you ever did.

Posting your time-limited offers on your Facebook business page wouldn’t be enough. You have to do more than that.

Here are some holiday marketing tips that you could do:

  • Share on Facebook business page at least 3x a day, preferably on mornings, afternoons and night time, so that you could reach any people who browse their feed during these times.
  • Do the same on your Twitter account, but make it more frequent. Share your holiday offers every 2 or 3 hours, since the Twitter feed changes every minute. To help you schedule your holiday posts, you could use Buffer.
  • Send multiple emails to your email list, saying that your customers will only have a few days or hours to go before your time-limited offer runs out.
  • Send out brochures and flyers including what items are for sale this holiday season.


3.      Display bundle gift packs at your store front for last-minute shoppers.

Moms who are looking for Kris Kringle gifts for their schooling child… Moms who are looking for bundle cooking ingredients for Christmas… Dads who are looking for new yet cheap home tools and the likes.

If you have a store, these bundle gift packs should always be present in front of your door. But if you only have an ecommerce store, you could also display bundle gift packs by creating a holiday bestsellers web page, or all of your discounted goodies in one section.

Here’s an example from eBay.

Holiday gift guides are on eBay’s homepage since they knew that there are several people who are looking forward to buy gifts for their family and friends.


4.      Take advantage of using popular holiday hashtags.

If you are not a fan of using hashtags on your social media posts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, then you are missing out a lot of sales opportunity this holiday season.

Posts with hashtags drive more traffic and engagement. Hashtags are also often used on search queries on social media.

So, to get your holiday deals more exposure, you could use the following popular holiday hashtags:

#holidaydeals or #holidaydeal

#holidaysales or #holidaysale

#christmas or #itschristmas or #holidaytime

And many more.


5.      Contact popular bloggers who write about holiday gift guides.

Have you ever thought of this method before? There are popular bloggers out there who never miss writing about holiday gift guides. You could sponsor them to feature your products and services on their blog.

For example, your company is offering a holiday discount on home cleaning tools such as mops, cleaning detergents, etc. Though your offer seems to be boring to be sent as gifts, there are always people who would love discounted home cleaning tools as a holiday gift and they are no other than the mighty moms. So, the best bloggers to contact out there are parenting and mom blogs.


To read the full 10 holiday marketing tips, download the following guide.

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