One of my friends who is a sales marketing agent reached out to me on why he couldn’t hit his sales quota almost every month.

He told me that he has the more superior and more affordable product compared to his competitors. But his prospect always ends up making a deal with his competitors.

Looking at it, it should have been easier for him to sell the product since it is already superior in terms of quality and cheaper to boot.

But one thing that could have possibly contributed to his failure of landing sales is that he lacked having confidence when he presented the product to his prospect.

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Whether you are a business owner or anyone who’s in the field of sales and marketing, having confidence is one of the defining factors that would help you make the customer say ‘yes’ to buying your product or service.

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Being confident is not being arrogant. Based on the Inc. article of Jeff Haden, “confidence is a natural expression of ability, expertise, and self-regard.”


As long as your confidence doesn’t go overboard, what you’re showing to other people is a display of your knowledge and skills which make your target prospects impressed leading to the purchase of your product.

So for now, let’s clearly lay out the reasons why having confidence attracts more customers in your business.


It enables you to be more assertive.

Having confidence lets you become an assertive person. It means that you become more energetic and enthusiastic in everything you do. And you don’t easily give up.

For example, a customer asks you the features of your product. You don’t only list out your product’s features but you also explain it in a way that would make the customer buy.

Because you are enthusiastic about your work, you don’t only give what’s asked by your customer, but you also go beyond the extra mile to have them convinced.

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If you always exhibit assertiveness in your business, imagine how many deals and sales you can close. The more you make a profit, the more you’ll be able to realise your business success goals.


It lets you express yourself and communicate more effectively.

communicate effectively


Usually, a person who has no confidence is unable to speak up and express himself. As a business owner, there’s no place for you to remain shy or timid. You won’t be able to land any sales if you don’t clearly speak up.

For example, you participated in a business networking event in the hopes of making new connections. You already know that increasing your network might be able to help you grow your biz and your network can help you refer your business to potential clients.

But since you lack confidence, you don’t assertively approach anyone and communicate with them. You just ‘wait’ for someone to approach you; hence, at the end of the event, you have only connected with a few number of people and you’re unable to express what you really want to say.


It makes you become more optimistic towards achieving your goals.

With confidence, you are not easily fazed by challenges or problems that are being encountered by your company.  Instead of getting all gloomy like it’s already the end of the world, you face your problems with a solid resolve.

Building confidence boosts your positivity and you always tell yourself that you can do it. If you don’t easily give up, you’ll never know what the future will bring for your business after the storm.

If you expressed confidence that you’ll be able to solve your problem, perhaps you’ll be able to bring in more customers for your business.


It enables you to influence your employees.

influence employees


The success of your business also largely depends on the performance of your employees. But how will you make them engaged and do their best in their work?

Aside from giving them the compensation and benefits that they deserve, you’ll be able to boost their work performance if you show you’re confident as a leader.

A leader is confident and inspiring. They appear to be certain in every action they take and communicate clearly and effectively to their followers.

Being confident is contagious. It helps you pull out the best from your employees and they would start working confidently too.


Having confidence helps you lead your business to success. If you believe in yourself, your staff and to the potential of your company, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals.

Not everyone is born confident but you can still make fixes around it. Just grab the below guide to help you boost your confidence.

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