Don’t you just hate responding to the same customer questions over… and over… and over again.

It is an activity your business must undertake.

And if done right, it can be the difference between you winning customers, instead of your competition.

It is also the direct source of getting to know your clients’ biggest problems.

But why is your team wasting so much time on it?

Why is every customer getting a very different experience depending on who they talk to in your business?

Why when you talk to customers, they convert but not your support team?

And, why is there no unified ‘voice’ of your organisation?

Tired of answering the same client questions? Grab this guide on how to create a FAQ portal.


Yep, you guessed right.

The reason is that you are missing the ‘process’ for your customer support team.

You are letting your teams differing personalities (good or bad), external emotions (home life, friends, etc.) and daily enthusiasm (positive or negative) be the DIRECT representation of your brand to potential or current customers.

And missing out on sales as you go.

Let me explain this to you…

You have a fight with your family in the morning.

That foul mood follows you into the office.

The team around you know that something is not right.

They sense you are not wanting to joke today like you usually do.

There is a feeling of tension, disappointment, anger and loathing that you are emitting to the world.

You do not want any human interaction.

But, your job expects you to be ‘happy’ and ‘helpful’ to all the customer requests you get to increase sales.




Customers expect too much!

The 10 – 50 people you talk to today are lucky to get anything more than a 1-sentence reply.

They won’t be getting the ‘extra mile’ that would convince them to buy today.

And today, they are even lucky if you respond.

… Sound like a familiar situation for you or one of your team members?

Now imagine them infecting the 10 – 50 customer enquiries on that day?

What if that foul mood went on for a whole week?

Do you think your customers would come back?


Originally, we went through as many client questions and scenarios with our support team members to set them up for success.

And still, no matter how much we motivate, support and cherish our team, people will always have ‘those’ types of days.

It is unavoidable.

But it is not a situation we could just ‘accept’.

We could not jeopardise clients going somewhere else because of someone’s mood on the day.

I also did not have the time to answer the same questions from different support staff every day, time and time again.

And then I remember…

There was a solution that I implemented to a client once when I was a marketing consultant which rendered extremely successful results.

And the best part, all of the hard work was already being done by our team.


Before we start – repeat to yourself this statement:

“I must NEVER write a response to the same question twice!”

Every time you do this, you are committing a sin of business.

So, what do you do instead?

Build your industries best FAQ portal! (Frequently Asked Questions)

That’s it …

Simple, right?

Here is the process:

Step 1: Get client enquiry.

Step 2: Customer support agent searches your businesses FAQ for an answer.

Step 3: If none, they write out a 50 – 100 word answer to the question (I mean … VALUE … over service the customer, make them feel your businesses passion and get them to say ‘wow’)

Note: If it is phone support, allow them the time to write an answer after the call.

Step 4: They add the question and answer to the FAQ portal on your public, client facing website.

Step 5: They send the response to the lead/customer’s enquiry

… That’s it!

There are some keys as to why this is so success:

  1. Reviewed! As a business owner, once a month, reviewing all of the latest answers and tweak them to have the voice of your business, add more value and ensure it is what you would enjoy customers receiving will help double or triple the reception your receive from customers.
  2. Authority! Every question you get is answered ON YOUR WEBSITE, this sets you apart from the competition and builds huge credibility.
  3. Marketing! If you have an FAQ section on your website, make every question and answer their own web page – this will be incredible for marketing, as people will search these questions in Google and find your website.
  4. Consistency! The voice of every answer in your business is unified. When customers get sent answers from your FAQ, it has already been reviewed by you, it is energetic, it is helpful and exactly what will get them to convert into a sale.
  5. Time-Saving! Your support requests with pre-written answers being sent will drop its time consumption by 80%
  6. Selling! Add a sales twist to every answer – get the team to include objection handling and other benefits of your product/service in every FAQ answer.

You think you can do that?

It is ONE additional step for your or your support team to build an incredible asset to your business!


By using techniques such as this, you can begin to stray away from the constant training of new support team members, trying to cover 100% of potential questions they might get.

Just remember to never discount that first, second, third, fourth, etc touch points with a prospect or current clients.

As it generally takes 7 touch points before someone will buy from you.

If you stuff up just ONE of these 7 … the customer might never purchase from you.

So, do yourself a favour.

And implement this into your business immediately!

Do not sit there for another 3 years answering the same questions you answered months or weeks ago and repeating yourself over and over

Unless you like the idea of ‘feeling busy’

Then in that case… go for it

But if you are serious about making more time and more profit, is it really going to get you what you want?

Specialising is business processes, frameworks and systems, Grant has founded multiple businesses that all operate to target the key fundamental of scalability. His goal is to improve millions of people's lives by assisting business owners to succeed.