On a Facebook group that I have joined, one member asked how to market her business effectively online – and for a low cost budget, or much better, for free.

Helpful members advised her to promote her business on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You know it. The marketing classics.

However, she wasn’t so happy with the marketing ideas and advice she got since she’s already doing them. She already had a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Google+ page, and other big social media networks that you can imagine. And she’s been posting on her accounts regularly.

Still, nothing happens. Her business still doesn’t sell and she’s getting impatient.

Are you like this too?

You did everything you could to promote your business, but it wasn’t growing. You read several articles on the internet about online marketing… did everything what were stated in the articles… but still… nothing.

Though hopping onto the big social media networks will really help your business grow in one way or another, if the usual techniques aren’t working for you, then you should do it differently. You should use the social media in a different approach, or better yet, add MORE ways on how to promote your business.

So over the several years of experience that I have got, I learned that you shouldn’t confine your online marketing efforts to just Facebook or Twitter alone. Other than these biggest social media networks, there are still more ways on how you can market your business online for free. You haven’t just realized it.

Here are some online marketing ideas that you can try including in your marketing strategy – and they are for FREE.

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1. Market your business on Craigslist.

I’m sure you least expect Craigslist to be on this list. This classified advertisements website is often used for job hires, but it may really be a good idea to also market your business here.

If you think that there’s no one using or looking at Craigslist, then the following statistics may shock you.



Based on Alexa, Craigslist has a global rank of 71. And in the United States alone, Craigslist surprisingly ranks 12th as one of the country’s most popular websites.

But would your business be instantly famous when you post on Craigslist? Of course not.

A lot of new business owners think that when they created advertisements – free or paid, people would immediately give their business attention, or buy from them.

If that’s easy, all businesses won’t have any marketing woes.

There are still several factors that come into play to have a successful Craigslist ad. But for starters, you should learn how to create an effective ad first to make people notice your business.

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2. Join tweet chats.

This is how you make use most of Twitter – by joining tweet chats.

And nope. Tweet chats are not like the normal group chats through a messenger app. Twitter doesn’t have that.

A tweet chat is an organized Twitter event where people can engage in a conversation through using a particular hashtag.

To make it clearer for you, here’s an example.

More Time More Profit’s new Twitter account has an average tweet impression that only range from 300 to 500 per day with a following of 100+ people.

But recently, we were able to boost our impressions to 4,000 because we have joined a tweet chat hosted by Marsha Wright, a TV Biz Expert, columnist and entrepreneur, with a Twitter following of 375k. She’s also the author of the #1 bestselling book, “The Secret Collaborative Economy.”

increase tweet impressions


We participated on the tweet chat using the hashtag #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha, and we were able to gain thousands of views, impressions, engagements and a couple of new followers on our account.

hashtag influencer


Though joining tweet chats can’t skyrocket your Twitter following instantly, this is a great addition to your regular Twitter posting activity.

Don’t just share tweets on Twitter, participate in tweet chat events and engage.

To watch out for tweet chat events, here’s my little gift for you. Check out this page. This page shows you worldwide Twitter Chat Schedule ranging from different topics such as writing, social media, education, business, non-profit, agriculture, healthcare, technology, advertising, sports, and many more!

Awesome, right? All tweet chat events in one place.


3.      Get on Reddit.

Reddit is also a social media platform, but unlike the bigger social media networks, Reddit is a much simpler network that’s popular for aggregating news and of course, fun stuff.



It’s worth to market your business on Reddit because according to Craig Smith’s Expanded Ramblings’ article, there are:

  • 234 million unique users
  • 11, 464 ACTIVE communities
  • 9 billion monthly Reddit page views
  • 13+ minutes average visit length

Again, being popular on Reddit can’t be done overnight, but there are ways on how to become one. Read the following Suggested Reads to get a hang of this community.

Suggested Reads:

Reddit: A Beginner’s Guide – by Matt Silverman

How To Become Popular on Reddit – by Nitin Bhandari

Getting The Most Out Of Reddit: 20 Tips, Tricks and Tools – by Azwan Jamaluddin


4.      Use LinkedIn RIGHT.

While Facebook and Twitter are all the rage, do you have an account on LinkedIn? If you are a business owner, LinkedIn should be on your #1 list in your must-join social media platforms.



LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform for professionals. So if you have plans to increase your online network, LinkedIn is the best place to hang out.

Increasing your professional network on LinkedIn is as easy as sending a friend request on Facebook. However, if you will be only on LinkedIn just to upsize your connection numbers and nothing else, then you are using LinkedIn all wrong.

If you want to make LinkedIn work for your business, then follow the marketing ideas I have laid out on this article: 5 Tips on How to Get Clients Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very powerful social media platform when used right. In fact, I landed several clients here and one of the best strategies that worked for me is completing my LinkedIn profile.

With a complete profile, particularly an All-Star level profile, clients can find you easily when they are doing their LinkedIn Search because your profile has the necessary “keywords” that they are looking for.

I’m not exactly saying that having an All-Star level profile is your only method to gain popularity on LinkedIn, but it will surely help you get there.

To create an All-Star level LinkedIn profile, download this guide.


5.      List your business on Yelp.

Do online business directories still have value? Well, of course, at least for Yelp.



Yelp is a big online business directory that “connects people with great local businesses.” If you think that being listed on Yelp doesn’t do your business any good, then think again.

Based on Yelp’s statistics, they have:

  • An average of 23 million unique visitors per month via Yelp app
  • An average of 69 million unique visitors per month via mobile web

Imagine how many potential Yelp users will be able to see your business if you have it listed there. And don’t worry, you can have your business listed on Yelp for free.

Though a paid account can provide you greater features, a free account already does fine to enable you to upload photos and respond to customer reviews.

Just go to this page to claim your Yelp business page.

After claiming, make sure to complete your Yelp profile. Include photos and write the most important details of your business such as correct/full business name, description, address, directions/map, phone number, price range, and many more.


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