I was inspired to write this post after reading Michael Pozdnev’s 1 Simple Hack to Blogger Outreach, or How to Find Friends. If you would be reading Michael’s post, you would find that his best way on finding friends is through looking at other people’s blogs and making friends with people who comment in it.

Now, I won’t be writing about blogger outreach, but I’m here to share with you some other ways on how to find friendly people, especially if you are looking to expand your online professional network. We all know that in order for a business to grow, it needs all the support it gets such as the support from your online friends.

Download this list of active Facebook business groups where you could definitely find friendly people.

While others will say that the best way to have an easier reach online is making friends with top influencers on your designated business niche, sometimes, it won’t just easily work out as there are many people who know that tactic too and are continuously battling out for every influencer’s attention.

And perhaps, if you don’t put a greater effort or provide more value for your target influencers, chances are, you’ll never be noticed by them because they are pretty much aware of your agenda. Only a few people were able to break down that barrier, such as Michael, admitting that he was new at the scene. He analysed the best SEO tricks from top 5 online marketing experts and has written a monster post – which I think took him more than 60 hours to create if I remember correctly.

But remember, the World Wide Web is not all about making friends with the top influencers. You could expand your online professional network too by reaching out to other people who are relevant to your business. In order to find them, I will be sharing you 5 ways.


1.      People who comment on blogs

Just like what Michael is doing, we have been making friends with people who are actively commenting on blogs. For us, people who comment on blogs is the friendliest people around, because they put much effort and time on commenting blogs.

In fact, most of the comments here on our blog came from awesome and friendly people such as:


…and many other people who kindly reciprocated our efforts for commenting on their blogs.


2.      People who help answer your questions on Facebook groups

Aside from blogs, you could also increase your professional online network by joining Facebook groups. But do not add all the members in your group.

There’s a better way on how to filter out the good friends from the not-so good friends by checking out the people who help other members answer their questions.

Here’s an example:


These kinds of people who comment and genuinely help others in need may be great additions to your online professional network. Because we don’t only want to see the numbers of our online connections increase, but we also want real people whom we could actively engage with.

For you to find friends on Facebook and expand your online professional network, I have made a list of active and friendly Facebook groups where you can find friendly people.

Download this list of active and friendly Facebook groups for entrepreneurs.

Take note that this list of Facebook groups is NOT spammy groups that only drop links and run. You could actually find people who engage with other members here.


3.      People who take time to leave comments on your LinkedIn post

Aside from Facebook groups, you could also find friendly people on LinkedIn groups. While most LinkedIn groups are now like spammy link dumps, you could still find people whom you could add to your online professional network.



And they are the people who take time to leave comments on your LinkedIn post. While it’s also okay to add people who say that your shared LinkedIn post is nice, it would be better to add people who leave more meaningful and longer comments as these people really took the effort to read your shared article and share their own ideas.


4.      People who are retweeting other people’s tweets

When it comes to making friends on Twitter, you may prioritise following people whose Twitter profile looks like this:



A Twitter user who retweets other people’s tweets.

So why follow people who retweet?

Since sharing of posts on social media accounts can now be automated such as on Twitter, this gives the Twitter user the option not to login and personally check out people who engaged with their account. And this situation is mostly true for some Twitter influencers. If you would be visiting their accounts, they rarely engage with their Twitter followers or read a reply from them.

So instead of spending your efforts there, why not try engaging with Twitter users who really have the time to interact?

People who retweet are signs of people who mostly interact because they personally browse their Twitter feeds and check out other people’s posts.

You’ll never know. When you have become friends with these people, they will be also sharing your work!


5.      People who say thanks for following them

No matter what social media platform you have received the thank-you message for following them, these people who bother to say thank you could also be one of the friendliest people on the web.

Though automated thank-you messages are often received for following someone on Twitter, you should still give it a shot on making friends with them. Whether they are automated or not, they still made an effort of thanking you.



Also, you could check out if they are friendly by how they structure their post such as using smilies!


How about you? How do you find friendly people online? How do you expand your online professional network?

Don’t forget to download our list of active and friendly Facebook groups for entrepreneurs below!

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