Several people wanted to escape the employee train because of its lack of flexibility in terms of personal and financial growth. But you are one of the lucky individuals who made pass through it.

Today, you are the boss of your own.

Since you are already the employer and not the employee, you are expecting to have more freedom, a more satisfying work-life balance and more money.

However, the ugly truth sets in.

Instead of having more freedom and a more satisfying work-balance, you find yourself confined in your office doing more work. Every day, you spend 15 hours of your life working.

And instead of having more money, your business is not growing at all. Despite working hard, your business is not moving forward.

The profit that you earn from your business is just enough to pay your employees’ wages and there’s hardly anything left for you.

So what’s holding you back? What is stopping your business growth?

Maybe it’s because you keep on working like an employee, not a boss of your own company. It’s like your employee mindset is holding you back from achieving business growth.

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The employee mindset: Are you guilty of any of the following?

What’s a typical employee mindset? Here’s a brief scenario/description of an entrepreneur with an employee mindset:

  • You blindly do what people around you told you to do. An employee typically says YES to the orders or requests of their bosses, since they should follow the person on top of the work hierarchy. But you as a boss isn’t bound to anyone. Not because someone with a high profile suggested you to do this or that, you’ll immediately follow them without thinking things over. Though it’s not bad to learn from others (especially if they have already proven themselves), the final decision whether to take their advice in or not solely depends on you.
  • You work way too hard as if you’re impressing someone. Good employees work hard to impress their bosses. They even do tasks that are not within their job description. Which is really an admirable trait – for employees. But if you are already the boss of your own, you don’t work to impress someone, but it should be because you’re self-motivated.
  • You do tasks even if you really don’t have to. In relation to the above, employees do tasks even if they are already outside of their job description especially when their boss asks them a favour. But if you are already the boss of your own company, you always have the option to work less and just focus on the most important things you need to do. Don’t be afraid to let go of the tasks you used to do as an employee, and start delegating.
  • You think that money is everything. Employees work hard mainly because they want to have promotion and financial growth. While having more money could also be one of your reasons of working hard as a boss, focusing on money alone won’t allow you to see the larger picture that there’s more important things than money, and that is time. A true-blooded entrepreneur has the mindset that time is money.
  • You plan and think, but you don’t take action. Employees always dream big, such as having their own business, getting a promotion, but they do not take action. Their plans are only kept inside their head. But since you have already passed that phase of having your own business, if you dream of business growth, then you should take an immediate course of action.
  • You act like you don’t have any freedom at all. Employees think of themselves as slaves of the 9-5 daily grind. And yet here you are, you act like you don’t have any freedom at all. You work 15 hours a day, burning yourself out. You thought that working longer hours would help you succeed your business feat. You could actually work lesser hours a day if you know how to delegate or outsource your tasks. As what Sarah Johnson said on her Intuit Quickbooks article, you’re in charge of how you spend your time.

So how does having an employee mindset holding you back?

If you are guilty of any of the above typical employee mindset, then you’re preventing your business from growing.

Say, if you follow anyone else’s advice blindly, how could you ever stand up on your own two feet? You are afraid to make decisions on your own and that’s not good. Learn how to make decisions for yourself without always depending on the views of other people.

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On the other hand, if your motivation for doing business is just to impress someone, then you may not be able to do your very best. As long as that “someone” is impressed according to their standards, then you’ll be stuck in a rut.

And if you do tasks that you don’t have to, you’ll be missing a lot of opportunities to travel and meet new clients for your business. If you keep yourself busy doing administrative tasks which can be delegated instead of finding new clients and strategically working on your business, then your business will not obviously move forward.

If you learn how to delegate tasks, then you’ll be having more freedom just as you wished for. It’s possible to turn a 15-hour work day to a 2-hour work day through hiring a virtual assistant or VA. And we can refer you to a legit and trusted VA team.

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Why do some employers still have an employee mindset?

Some employers find it hard to get rid of the employee mindset because some of them started working as employees.

If you started out as an employee before you became an employer, it’s harder for you to let go of the things you used to do. Working hard has been ingrained to your system and you have developed a mindset that if you slack off or work less hours, you’ll be back the way you are before.

Some believe that when you stepped into the field of entrepreneurship, you should be ready to sacrifice your personal time if you want to be successful. This means no more free time, no more holidays, only work. But here in More Time More Profit, we believe that a real successful business owner is someone who hasn’t neglected his work-life balance.

While working hard is good, working smart is better.


How to work smart and start ditching the employee mindset

On our podcast, “Be a Role Model, Not a Superhero” we have talked about how doing everything by yourself will only result to burnout. And we call this the superhero syndrome.

So if you are a boss of your own company and you have an employee mindset, you’ll only add more burden to yourself and your business will never grow.

For you to be able to work smart not hard, we have devised the following method:

  1. Find a quiet location. It can be your room when you’re at home, or your work office.
  2. Get a piece of paper and draw 3 columns (a. Tasks Only You Can Do, b. Tasks You shouldn’t Be Doing, and c. Tasks You Hate Doing)
  3. Fill it out and be honest. List the tasks you usually do as a business owner and assign each task to the column it should belong. Eg, Board meetings will be placed in the “Tasks Only You Can Do” column.
  4. Start with the hate. To make it easier for you, you can start listing all the tasks that you hate doing. If you keep doing all the tasks that you hate, you’ll only be more stressful. Eg, Accounting and bookkeeping
  5. Set about delegation. Once you have filled out all the columns, it’s time to delegate the tasks “Tasks You Shouldn’t Be Doing” and “Tasks You Hate Doing” columns. You can delegate these tasks to your managers, and then your managers will delegate some of the tasks to the rest of your staff.

With this method, you’ll be able to get closer to your dream of working less hours yet earning more profit for your business.


Do you think your employee mindset is holding you back? Start switching to an employer mindset and download the guide below.

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