Way back, one of my department heads resigned. He had been a great asset for the company and an exceptional leader. Through his leadership and guidance, his team always delivered beyond expectations, until he decided to venture a new career path.

There was nothing I could do to convince him stay. The role of department head became available. I had two options: (1) promote any of the senior workers, or (2) hire a new manager. I went for the first option, since I believed that I needed someone who already knows the work routine. Also, it could even take a couple of months before I found a new hire.

But there was a big problem. Though my senior worker is definitely skilled, he had no leadership abilities. He lacked the charisma to inspire and the skill to guide his team.

And it struck me. The company should have continued developing leaders in the workplace, not just focusing leadership trainings on department heads or managers, but every employee should be involved. In the event that your manager leaves, there would still be someone capable in your company to lead.

To help you in developing leaders in the workplace, I’ll be sharing with you some strategies.

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Help improve your employee’s communication skills

improve communication skills


In order for your employee to become an effective leader, he should have great communication skills. Like what they say, good leaders are good communicators. Leaders must know how to persuade and inspire with words. No one would like to follow a leader who is not convincing or unable to deliver his ideas well.

For your employees to develop their communication skills, you could encourage them to learn to speak through holding weekly meetings or business presentations where every member should contribute and speak up. Some employees are too meek to start a conversation, but holding this kind of activities in your company will force them to break their fear of speaking in public.


Develop your employee’s sense of accountability

Another trait of a good leader is having a great sense of accountability or responsibility. As a responsible leader, you should own up your team’s mistakes and make them not feel the blame all by themselves. Oftentimes, a team member is afraid to do beyond his capabilities because he doesn’t feel supported by his manager.

To encourage your employees to be more accountable of themselves, let your employees handle important projects that would drive them out of their comfort zones. For example, Employee A would lead a particular project. Once done, it will be Employee B’s turn to lead.

You could make your employees feel accountable by using positive mechanisms such as by trying to make them feel loved or respected. Or you could use negative mechanisms by making them feel frightened or intimated.


Boost your employee’s confidence

Confidence is another crucial trait for being a great leader. With confidence, you would be able to motivate your followers, and you could effectively show that you could be a genuine and trustworthy leader.

For building a more confident team of employees, you could create opportunities where they could teach other people or share their skills during internal training sessions. Or you could show your appreciation or recognize their achievements at the workplace.


Help improve your employee’s people skills

team building


As a leader, you would always deal with people; hence, it is important to learn how to build relationships with other people. Whether you have a physical or online business, people skills still matter because you are communicating with people.

For your employees to develop this essential skill for leaders, hold regular team lunches, or bond with your employees during free time. This would encourage them to start conversations, open up ideas and make suggestions. Let your employees also have the freedom to seek feedback and criticism, as this will help them to bettering themselves.



While there are so many other strategies used for developing leaders in the workplace, if you focus on the four aspects above, everything else will follow. Your employees will learn how to make sound decisions, create strategic plans, discipline the team, lead and organise.

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