About MTMP


Helping every business hit the homerun

More Time More Profit’s main goal is to help your businesses vision come true. We aim to help every business owner and entrepreneur, like you,get more free time to pursue the things they really want to do, while also becoming more profitable to find these pursuits. As time is one of the most valuable assets in life and is used to change peoples lives, it achieves greater results both personally and to the greater world if supported with finances.

If you are swamped and confused on how to get your work-life balance back and need to start trying something different, do know thatit is our mission to give you our proven business strategies and frameworks we use in our seven figure companies. So, if you are ready to hit a homerun without burning out, you can count on us. Your visions success is our goal.

Why Choose Us

Because we can help you get there

More Time More Profit consists of two successful business owners and entrepreneurs – and that’s us, Adam John and Grant Merriel. Every business strategy we share with you have already proven results from our decades of entrepreneurial experience. We will share with you our strategies that work, and of course, touch on strategies that don’t. Both of us have worked with hundreds of businesses ranging from start-ups to public companies and we are proud to say that we helped them realize their goals, understand their importance and set a plan to achieve them.

About Adam

Adam has bimg-about-adameen a foremost expert in digital media for the last 15 years. Completing his training at Google and Yahoo head offices in Australia.

Adam went on to found Search Found Pty Ltd, a seven-figure digital media agency based in Sydney, Australia. At the same time, he moved to the Philippines and started Outburst Inc., an outsourcing company specializing in web design and online marketing.

After suffering massive burnout from working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, Adam set out to reduce his workload, exit his companies and gain his quality of life back.

In 2014, he sold both of his companies to Scorch Media, that later went on to be purchased by Dentsu Aegis, one of the largest agencies in the world.

His main focus now is More Time More Profit, a project he is very passionate about. Allowing him to connect with entrepreneurs and guide them through the same pitfalls he faced in his businesses.

In addition to MTMP, Adam spends his time spread across a number of international startups and investment projects.

He can be found travelling the world, visiting tropical island paradise all the time, while enjoying his passions kiteboarding and beach volleyball.

About Grant

Grant is a serial entrepreneur and an online strategy business consultant who specializeimg-about-grants in digital marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, conversion and business frameworks.

With a background of entrepreneurship, Grant has started managing people at 18 years old. He then built his own
businesses which include a web design company, as well as a digital marketing company – each of which had both its share of successes.

With the want of creating something bigger for himself, he frequently enters into different business ventures until he was able to build a seven-figure valued company within just a 12-month period.

For more than 8 years in the business, Grant becomes one of the most-sought business consultants of small to medium to large companies due to his systematic and careful approach on meeting his client’s goals.

Today, he is investing in three other businesses such as executive coaching, enterprise project management, and of
course, MTMP.

Grant extremely loves working but he never forgets to squeeze time to do his other passions, such as finding good places to eat and travelling the world.