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We all get into business with the idea that it will lead us to a better life. It allows you the potential to earn massive profit and let you be in charge of your own destiny.  However, this isn’t true for most business owners and entrepreneurs today.

We get stuck in the day-to-day grind and become reactive instead of being on the front foot.  In most cases this leads to an underperforming company, consistently creates stress and has a massive drain on your quality of life…This is where we come in.

More Time More Profit teaches established business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow past the startup phase of their business, free up time and drive more profit.

So, are you ready to work less while scaling your business and driving more profit?

Scaling and Profit

Like you, we used to struggle to keep up with the daily grind that our businesses present. Not anymore. Over the past decade we have learnt from the best minds in business. Our highly successful podcast, coaching system and frameworks have transformed business owners lives and businesses in over 75+ countries.


Surprisingly many business owners are terrible leaders and extremely poor planners. You might be a great technician but has anyone ever taught you how to lead a team successfully or to execute a plan for your team to deliver?

We’ll teach you how to lead and build an army of loyal team members who will lay down in traffic for you and your company and ensure you hit every target you set. Say goodbye to staff churn, unhappy unproductive staff and let us show you how to hire A players to take your company to the next level.


Finances & Cashflow
Accounting sounds boring doesn’t it? The truth of the matter is that your financial machine is the backbone of your company and you need to know your numbers.

We’ll teach you the financial lessons you need in order to analyse, plan and profit in an easy to use system, that any business owner can implement. Learn to watch the cash roll in, instead of struggling to meet payroll and worrying about cashflow. .


Sales & Marketing
If you ask any business owner what their number one problem is they will say “we need more sales”. Did you know that you can unlock 30% more new sales without talking to a single new prospect. What about exactly how to extract an addition customer for every sale that you make?

We’ll teach you how to tap into existing assets as well and reach new highly targeted paying clients without getting into a bidding war with your competitors.


We understand that you are the business owner and that there are many tasks that only you can do. But what jobs are you doing that you shouldn’t be? (These are not just the repetitive tasks but also the strategic and skilled tasks)

We’ll get 80% of your time back by showing you how to implement systems, educate your team and also track their successful deliver. Empowering your employees, training them efficiently and have them delivering a consistent, quality product without you having to look over their shoulder is critical for any business to thrive.

You Are Not Alone

Do you remember why you got into business? Maybe it was to make a truck load of cash, maybe it was to improve your quality of life, maybe you wanted to have a positive impact on the world. How is it working out for you?

If you are like us, you started in business with passion and then somewhere over the years it turned into an unmotivated grind. Your business plateaued, your expenses grew and no matter how many hours you work, it’s never enough.

Forget the hardships and stress that goes along with being a business owner. What would it feel like to slash your work hours by 50-80% and double profit at the same time? What would you do with your time? What would you do with the money in the bank? Take a family holiday, buy some nice toys, grow your empire further?

If you want to free yourself from the daily grind, if you want take your business to the next level and if you want to get your quality of life back, we can help. Contact Grant or Adam and live life the way it is meant to be lived.

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